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Children's Entertainment News Presents The Top Seven Children's Books for FUN Summer Reading

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NEW YORK: There are a few things that define the summertime. Things like swimming, camping, backyard parties, a road trip, and some good summertime reading.

Children's books are part of growing up and, when the kids are out of school, the benefits of summertime reading are obvious. But the biggest benefit is books are FUN!

Here is the list of the SEVEN BEST Children's Picture Books for the Summer of 2019

Number 1 You Count, I Count
By Robin MacBlane and Larry Whitler, Illustrated by Larry Whitler, Robin And The Giant, $19.99 ISBN 978-0578465791

What would you do if someone you cared about suddenly felt unimportant? This is the dilemma facing Robin And The Giant in You Count, I Count. In an age when condescending comments are carelessly being tossed about it is refreshing to find a simple tale, like this one, that reminds both children and adults alike that we are all important. The message in this fully illustrated book is resonating around the world. Ages 4-7

Number 2 Heal the Earth
By Julian Lennon and Bart Davis, Illustrated by Smiljana Coh, Sky Pony, $17.99 ISBN 978-1510728530

It's not what you get in this world. It's what you give. In Heal The Earth a magical plane, called the White Feather Flier, brings healing medicine to the sick, rehabilitates the dying coral reefs, vitalizes urban settings with parks and gardens, and rescues the rain forest from years of poor stewardship. If one book can steer young minds to think in such a giving and positive way it is Heal The Earth. Ages 3-6

Number 3 How To Catch A Unicorn
By Adam Wallace. Illustrated by Andy Elkerton, Sourcebooks Wonderland, $10.99 ISBN 978-1492669739

Everyone loves Unicorns! What a wonderful story to stir a child's imagination! Through the colorful world of make believe, children will experience the fun of reading through rhyme verse. They will experience the excitement with the characters in the story who try to catch a Unicorn. Ages 4 - 10

Number 4 You Are Home An Ode to the National Parks
By Evan Turk, Illustrated by Evan Turk, Atheneum Books, $18.99 ISBN 978-1534432826

If you are going on a road trip with the children this summer you will love this book as a companion to your adventures. In You Are Home, Evan Turk reminds us that this planet is our home and deserves to be taken care of because it will also be the home of future children. Ages 4-8.

Number 5 Livi and Grace
By Jennifer Lynch. Illustrated by Missi Jay, Greenleaf Book Group Press, $14.95ISBN 978-1626345911

Livi and Grace are opposites. They are also sisters. We love this book because it shows that we are all different and that we can love each other regardless of our differences. Enjoy yourself--whoever and however you are! Ages 4 - 9.

Number 6 Hum and Swish
By Matt Myers. Holiday House/Porter, $18.99 ISBN 978-0-8234-4286-7

The journey of creation, and the joy of friendship, unfolds in this delightful tale of child and adult as Jamie (the child) creates a sand sculpture and a woman artist (the adult) paints a seascape. I think we even felt the wind in our hair as we read Hum and Swish. Ages 4-8.

Number 7 Daniel's Good Day
By Micha Archer. Penguin/Paulsen, $16.99 ISBN 978-0-399-54672-3

In this delightful book, Daniel explores his world and finds out what exactly makes a day a GOOD day! Hint The baker loves birthdays! Very fun and wonderfully illustrated. Ages 3-6.

Children's Entertainment News Presents The Top Seven Children's Books for FUN Summer Reading

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