Zero-Commission Trading is Now Available on Webull's Desktop Platform

NEW YORK: Webull Financial LLC, an independent, self-directed broker dealer focused on zero-commission trading and granular market data, has released its latest desktop software update.

With this release, zero-commission trading is now available across all of Webull's platforms!

Industry statistics show that despite the move into the mobile age, a majority of orders in the stock market still take place on the PC. This is especially true for large institutions and more active retail traders.

After half a year of R&D, Webull now allows commission free trading on your PC. This feature combined with Webull's charts and market data will greatly improve our customer experience. The newest Webull desktop allows you to customize your hot keys to perform actions as specific as creating a buy order to purchase 100 shares as well as toggle custom chart types, add symbols, and navigate the app at a click of a button.

The Webull Desktop app now provides the user with access to a toolbox that allows you to customize your trade screen. It also allows them to set up your charts, quotes, and trade buttons in a way that allows you to maximize trade execution. Users can also monitor your account P&L performance as well as changes in net assets. They can review details such as orders placed, risk level, and current buying power as well as check on open orders, capital details, cumulative P&L performance and intraday trading P&L.

Many of our users have been asking since our launch to provide a desktop version of our mobile app. After many test versions, we are proud to introduce a completely FREE desktop application to our users that rival the traditional pay to trade brokerage platforms says Webull Financial CEO, Anthony Denier.

You can access and download the Webull Desktop platform at now. .

Webull Financial LLC has been in the retail trading space since only May of last year, but they already boast hundreds of thousands of trading accounts across the United States. The company's app is used globally by over 9 million users for real-time market updates as well as paper trading and ticker fundamentals. This unique combination of features ensure users can test out trades and make smarter trading decisions.

Webull's comprehensive market data platform allows users to stay on the platform to access all the technical and fundamental information that they need. Webull's charts hold over 25 different indicators and the time interval data can be boiled down to minute-by-minute intervals. With side-by-side chart comparisons, traders can even compare individual stocks against industry ETFs.
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Zero-Commission Trading is Now Available on Webull's Desktop Platform