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Introducing The Screaming Meanie Forte: The Loudest Alarm Clock on the Market

BEAVERTON, Ore: Getting old is tough-understatement, right? Things just don't always work like they once did. And while phrases such as age is just a number and you're only as old as you feel are all well and good, tell that to an older person's hearing, not to mention eyesight.

They may feel twenty-one at heart, but their audio/visual is a hard fifty plus. And that's okay. It's a matter of accommodating, of adapting, of getting the loudest alarm clock on the market—one that they can actually hear.

Cell phone alerts simply don't cut it; while run-of-the-mill clocks tend to be of the faint-hearted variety, at least when it comes to their sound—easy to ignore, yet so difficult to find those tiny little buttons that shut the thing off. This is precisely why the Screaming Meanie Forte was invented. The overall design was based upon a pretty simple premise make the sound loud enough, the numbers large and bold enough, and the buttons accessible enough so that regardless of how old someone is, the product can still provide the kind of functionality needed from an alarm clock.

With one hundred decibels packed into every single beep, whir, and siren sound it's virtually impossible to sleep through. The Forte's larger-than-life tones are of course adjustable, but where's the fun in that...Plus, the expansive 9 screen provides plenty of room for some of the biggest numbers anyone's ever seen, which means no more knocking things over on the nightstand desperately searching in the dark for those +4.00 reading glasses just to figure out what time it is.

The developers thought of everything. For Baby Boomers, this clock is the answer to their hard-of-hearing, eye-sight-fading prayers, and for Gen-Xers—well, unfortunately they're increasingly falling into this category too. Also keep in mind, the Forte lets users set up to six alerts daily. So for everything from doctor's appointments to knowing when it's time to take to take the next of fifteen pills, the Forte's got it covered.

Why create the loudest alarm clock known to humankind? Surveys have shown that anxiety about oversleeping is one of the main reasons people fail to get a good night's shut-eye. The Forte puts those fears to rest by, ironically enough, ensuring that people wake up. So even if someone is old enough to remember when television was first invented, this age-friendly alarm clock will have them up, alert and ready to party like it's 1999.

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Introducing The Screaming Meanie Forte: The Loudest Alarm Clock on the Market

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