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VaxRights calls for Slowdown on California SB-276

SACRAMENTO, Calif: Citizens for Health (CFH), the voice of concerned Californians for over 25 years, launched VaxRights.com recently.

VaxRights is not a vaccine safety website, it is a call to action to protect our Doctor/Patient relationships and protect the privacy of your medical records. SB276 would allow the State government to dismiss your personal doctor's instructions and remove medical records privacy, making your medical exemption records available to insurance companies and potential employers without your consent, says Jim Turner, Chairman of CFH.

From the VaxRights.com website We are neither Pro nor Con on vaccines. While immunity and protecting the greater public health are critically important, they cannot and need not come at the cost of our personal freedom of choice or the degrading of the medical profession. In fact, we believe strongly that the best protection for public health, including building immunity, is informed consumers making sound choices in the privacy of the doctor-patient relationship.

SB-276 creates unnecessary bureaucracy and mandates that All vaccine exemptions be reviewed by the California Department of Public Health. It addresses ALL vaccines, not just measles, and comes with an estimated $10-30 million dollar, per year, price tag dumped squarely onto the laps of taxpayers. The review process takes 9 months to one year to evaluate and make a determination on the validity of each exemption. How does that help the immediate crisis? It doesn't. So why the rush?

Authored by Senator Richard Pan, who is the recipient of the largest political donations from pharmaceutical companies in the state, SB276 has raised the concerns of many state representatives. Governor Newsom and the California Medical Board have also questioned the bill's assault on the sanctity of the doctor/patient relationship.

VaxRights is calling for a slowdown on SB-276. Legislators and the public in California need to take time to think through the implications. Many questions raised have not been answered. How are we to know this is the best solution without having the opportunity for any public discussion? The California Assembly needs to take the time to get this right.

For more information please visit www.vaxrights.com.

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VaxRights calls for Slowdown on California SB-276

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