Domino Sugar Launches Golden Sugar - A New Category Option

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla: Domino has gone Golden with its launch of a new category option -Domino Golden Sugar.

Domino Sugar has been your trusted partner in the kitchen and now it's presenting Domino Golden Sugar, an option that is less processed than granulated white sugar, but without compromising performance or taste. Use it cup for cup as a replacement where your recipe calls for granulated white sugar.

With the industry and consumer behavior evolving, it is exciting to introduce Domino Golden Sugar as a new, transformative option for baking that addresses the needs and wants of today's customers, said Paula Summers, ASR Group Vice President, Marketing. As a company, we are dedicated to crafting products with a commitment to quality and innovation. By providing this new option for baking, we are continuing to help bakers celebrate life's sweetest moments, but now with a less processed alternative.

Domino Golden Sugar is a free-flowing, non-GMO Project verified, Kosher certified, and gluten free way to add sweetness, as every crystal retains more of the color and goodness from the sugarcane grown in the field. What makes Domino Golden Sugar different is that it is produced with fewer steps and is less processed than granulated white sugar. The process of producing granulated white sugar consists of seven steps after obtaining raw sugarcane juices, whereas the process of producing Domino Golden Sugar is only three steps—clarification, crystallization and drying.

To celebrate the launch of Domino Golden Sugar, Domino will Go Golden with a Food Truck tour from mid-July to September, with stops in Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

Domino Sugar has been a trusted baking partner in the kitchen for more than 110 years, ensuring that the natural sweetness, aroma, texture and molasses that comes from sugarcane is present in every memorable experience.

Domino Golden Sugar is now available in the Northeast and will be expanding to other regions across the East Coast and Midwest in the near future.

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Domino Sugar Launches Golden Sugar - A New Category Option