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Punjab: CM orders investigation into drug-related deaths

Jul 04, 2018 (1 year ago) |
Chandigarh (Punjab) , Jul 3 : Punjab Chief Minister Caption Amarinder Singh on Tuesday ordered investigation into the recent spurt of drug-related deaths.
The Chief Minister also called for stringent action against those found guilty, without considering their political affiliations.

While addressing the issue, Singh said that they have set up a committee to look into the matter. "In last few days, there has been a spurt in deaths due to drugs. We've made a committee which is going to meet every day. On Mondays, I'm going to meet the committee to see what action has been taken during the week. What is happening here is unacceptable," said the Congress chief minister.

On Monday, Captain Amarinder Singh recommended to the Centre to formulate a law that awards death penalty to those convicted for drug peddling and smuggling, amid the growing drug menace in Punjab.

According to Amarinder Singh, the reason for the increase in drug abuse in the state is the unavailability of heroin. He said that not much heroin is coming in the market, so people are using other cocktails and home-based drugs, which kills immediately.

Amarinder Singh acknowledged that this is a major social problem of Punjab and said they are going to take stringent actions against this. He also said AAP shares the same view on this matter as Congress.

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Punjab: CM orders investigation into drug-related deaths

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