NEW YORK: With over 40 million licensed songs and cutting edge technology support, Jukeboxy Music is aiming at making businesses more musical.
Jukeboxy is pleased to announce that its music can now be accessed by businesses that use Alexa enabled devices.

Since 2013, Jukeboxy Music for Business has allowed businesses to play curated and licensed music on their premises on a variety of devices, including mobile, desktop, the Sonos app or dedicated hardware. The same music libraries can now be accessed by hundreds of thousands of businesses who use Alexa on their premises, including hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, bars, or retail. The great feature of Jukeboxy integration with Alexa is that business owners, healthcare patients or visitors can change music with just a voice command.

Yaprak Unsalan, COO of Jukeboxy, says, Imagine a restaurant owner getting ready for the busy lunch hour and who has so much to deal with. Spending time on a computer or app to select the right music will be a hassle in such cases. Now they can start the music by simply saying, 'Alexa, start Jukeboxy'. They can also say, 'Alexa, play Top 100', or 'Alexa, play Oldies' anytime of the day to change the music as the atmosphere changes.

Jukeboxy comes with its own scheduling tool, and with Alexa it is even easier to manage. To activate the schedule at an Alexa enabled device, a user just has to say, Alexa, play from schedule and their weekly schedule by day-part will start to play immediately.

The emergence of Jukeboxy testifies to the demand for easily available and accessible licensed music in the business world, which is further intensified by the rise of the music streaming services. However, there were serious hurdles to cross when it came to commercial streaming music on premises. Apart from the need to acquire a commercial license, business owners had to also take into account the size of the premises and other relevant factors that affected the fees.

Jukeboxy costs only $24.95 a month and offers multiple location discounts that save business owners thousands of dollars in licensing costs in a year while providing a library of 40+ million songs, all duly licensed from BMI, SESAC, ASCAP as well as indie labels.

A distinct advantage offered by Jukeboxy is its great variety of music. Music elevates the mood of listeners and the last thing they wish is to be stuck with one-size-fits-all music. Jukeboxy has been a pioneer of mood- and tempo-based music with their DJ set feature since 2014. This feature gives users the freedom to create their own mood, tempo, genre and decade based infinite playlists.

The success of Jukeboxy has led to partnerships with companies including Sonos, a leader in sound experience, offering multi-room wireless sound systems for homes and businesses alike. The partnership between Jukeboxy and Sonos gives business owners an easy way to access a large catalog of commercially-licensed music to stream on the Sonos platform. Jukeboxy Music for Business is proud to join Sonos in this remarkable way to bring great sound into businesses.

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