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Olea Sensor Networks to Introduce Latest Technologies at Sensor Expo 2019

RENO, Nev: Olea Sensor Networks, a leader in intelligent sensors and analytic software for sensor network-based systems, will display the next generation of their core technologies and introduce their newest technology, OleaVision360, for IoT and IIoT applications at Sensor Expo 2019 in San Jose, June 26-27 at the San Jose Convention Center.

The OleaVision360 technology is designed for continuous 360o viewing of environments without the use of a rotor. It offers precise detection of objects and humans to depth of information accuracy of +/- 1cm in a detection zone of currently up to 10 meters. Unlike LIDAR, the system is not adversely affected by light or inclement weather and can virtually see in the dark. The OleaVision360 system also allows for easy installation on the vehicle or machinery frame due to both its capabilities and small size.

Returning to the spotlight this year is the powerful OleaSense platform for vital sign monitoring with new, lower cost OleaSense-LX versions, which feature compatibility with all Linux platforms including Raspberry Pi. Also returning is the newest gen OleaVision Life Presence Detection platform and the OSN Quadcorder all with improved capabilities and powered by the latest version of OleaSense intelligent software and software analytics. The OSN Quadcorder technology for remote health monitoring applications received media attention by CNET at CES 2018 as among the best of day two. All versions of OleaSense offer clinically accurate vital signs collection and biometric authentication capabilities.

Live demos of Olea Sensor Networks technologies will be on display at Sensor Expo 2019 in June. Visit Booth #435 on June 26-27 or contact sales@oleasys.com to set up a meeting.

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Olea Sensor Networks to Introduce Latest Technologies at Sensor Expo 2019

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