Motu Patlu join Modi for yoga session in Ranchi

Motu Patlu join Modi for yoga session in Ranchi
Ranchi, June 21 : It was a yoga day out for Indian animated characters Motu Patlu as they joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of International Yoga Day on Friday.

Entertainment franchise Nickelodeon sent out a message of physical and mental well-being with a fun campaign called 'Yoga Se Hi Hoga' with Nicktoons Motu Patlu, Shiva and Rudra. Shiva and Rudra performed yoga at an event in Mumbai.

As part of this initiative, Motu Patlu were seen spreading the message of a healthy lifestyle at the yoga event here and performing asanas with Modi.

The animated characters also featured in the video which Modi posted on his official Twitter handle.

Modi performed yoga along with around 30,000 people at Prabhat Tara grounds here on the occasion of the fifth International Yoga Day.

Addressing the participants, Modi said "Modern yoga has not reached the poor and tribal people. We have to make yoga an integral part of their lives. Poor people suffer more from diseases and it makes them poorer... Yoga is a medium to come out from poverty."

He said in the changing world, "we have to take preventive measures for illness and focus on wellness".

"Yoga is discipline. Yoga is beyond age, rich, poor, caste, religion, region and boundaries. 'yoga sabka hai aur sab yoga ke hain' (yoga is of everyone, everyone is of yoga)," he said.

(IANS | 11 months ago)

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Motu Patlu join Modi for yoga session in Ranchi