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Hunter Fan Company: The Ceiling Fan Brand You Know and Trust

MEMPHIS, Tenn.: For more than 130 years, Hunter Fan Company, the leading ceiling fan manufacturer in America, has aimed to provide the ultimate customer experience with its beautiful and carefully designed ceiling fans.

Throughout its history, Hunter's dedication to the consumer has been a pillar for the brand, continuously striving to bring unmatched performance and unrivaled products to the home marketplace.

From humble beginnings creating ceiling fans for the working class individual who spent long hours in harsh factory conditions to creating smart SIMPLEconnect WiFi-enabled ceiling fans for the design and tech-savvy consumers of today's world, Hunter's ingenuity has stood the test of time and continues to re-imagine the ceiling fan on a daily basis.

Hunter's latest designs look to blow away the competition and more importantly, reshape the ceiling fan industry. They have spent more than a century creating a product that is easily welcomed into any home. While encouraging their employees to create and design products that they themselves wish to share with the world, for many, the brand has become more than a work environment and has become a family. One story that Hunter is proud to share is that of mailroom coordinator, George Tunstall, who celebrates his 50th anniversary with Hunter Fan Company this year. Starting in manufacturing in 1969, George has played many roles in delivering Hunter products into homes across the country. George's dedication to the company shows that not only do the fans endure, but so do the members of the Hunter team. If you think about someone who has been here as long as George has, he adds value and means something to the company, said Hunter CEO John Alexander. Many times people don't receive credit for what it takes to operate the business on the backside of things, and George is that person for the company. He showcases what it takes to make things run smoothly and he does it all with a smile on his face.

Hunter's unparalleled dedication is prevalent in everything they do and through the hard work and imagination behind its founders and those that continue to work on the brand every day.

With an unrivaled list of innovations, Hunter boasts the very first smart connected fan collection to be compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, fostered the inventive designer collaboration with world-famous textile brand Pendleton Woolen Mills and developed the very first Tunable White LED ceiling fan who's integrated temperature-changing light bulbs allow users to create a well-lit and perfectly tailored space for any home environment. Through innovation, strong company culture and excellent design, Hunter Fan Company stands the test of time, creating products that consumers for generations have loved and trusted and will continue to rely on for years to come. We understand that a good company starts with its employees and internal work culture, said Hunter CEO, John Alexander. When we believe and work together toward a common goal, we can build a brand that stands strong, and create the types of products that change the face of an industry.

For more information on the Hunter brand, or to browse the latest designs looking to transform your ceiling, visit Hunterfan.com

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Hunter Fan Company: The Ceiling Fan Brand You Know and Trust

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