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SPIRA Hits The 2000 Mark With 100pc Growth Of Surgeon Users

Jun 20, 2019 (1 month ago) |
KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa: Camber Spine, a leading innovator in spine and medical technologies, announced that it has successfully completed over 2000 levels implanted of its SPIRA spinal implant technology platform products.
Daniel A. Pontecorvo, Camber CEO and Co-founder, said We are extremely proud to report today that in less than 24 months Camber Spine has successfully completed over 2000 levels implanted of its SPIRA interbody implants.

We believe SPIRA is now the industry leader in the revolutionary 3D printed open architecture design technology space. SPIRA incorporates patented three-dimensional printed arches and spirals for distribution of load as well as Surface by Design, a deliberately designed surface to encourage bone growth. We are extremely proud of our engineering and manufacturing teams for creating SPIRA with the highest structural integrity and quality standards.

I have been using SPIRA for my ALIFs for over a year and have completed over 100 levels. I have seen more rapid recoveries in my patients with less post-op pain and quicker fusions which I believe is attributable to the bone-friendly surface and biconvex design which allows for better surface area contact and better stability, said Dr. Steven Wolf, board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon of Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania (Camp Hill, PA).

The correction in the sagittal and coronal planes has been fantastic with SPIRA with its various sizes and lordotic options. I have been doing ALIFs for over 25 years and have used a lot of different implants. SPIRA, and ENZA, are far superior to any other implants I have used. Overall I am seeing more rapid healing and better outcomes in my patients with these devices.

The monumental success and adoption of this product platform with a 100% increase in surgeons from Q1 2018 to Q1 2019 has contributed significantly to the overall company growth. Q3 2019 will include the introduction of SPIRA Lateral and SPIRA OLIF. These two additions solidify Camber Spine's position as a market leader in 3D printed solutions for the treatment of complex spine pathologies. Camber Spine also recently received additional issued patents from the US patent office on the SPIRA technology, further strengthening its proprietary position in the open architecture 3D printed implant space. With its most recent patent allowance, Camber Spine remains undefeated in the allowance rate with the US Patent office versus the national rate of 40% for surgical devices.

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SPIRA Hits The 2000 Mark With 100pc Growth Of Surgeon Users

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