Torus Tech Research Published in Physics Essays

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif: Torus Tech announced the publication of a research paper in the June edition of Physics Essays, an International Journal Dedicated to Fundamental Questions in Physics.

The paper, titled, The electron and the holographic mass solution, proposes a deeper understanding of the structure and the mass of the electron.

Understanding the electron has been the driving force for much of modern physics and until now its true nature has remained a mystery.

To validate their model the authors, Executive Director of Research and Development for Torus Tech LLC Nassim Haramein, and research scientists Dr. Amira Val Baker and Dr. Olivier Alirol from Unified Science Institute, formerly Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics, utilize the same holographic mass solution used to accurately predict the proton radius in 2012 and find a value for the mass of the electron in agreement with the most recent accurate measurement (CODATA 2014 - Committee on Data of the International Council for Science).

The paper highlights the fact that, although the electron is a fundamental particle, the very nature of it has been a mystery. Utilizing a generalized holographic mass approach, which expands on the work of physicists David Bohm, Jacob Bekenstein, Stephen Hawking and Gerard 't Hooft, a computation of the electron mass is found. The solution gives a clear insight into the structure of all the atoms of the table of elements, in terms of the electron cloud being composed of quantum vacuum fluctuations at the Planck scale. As a result, an elucidation of the source of the fine structure constant, the Rydberg constant and the proton-to-electron mass ratio is determined in terms of vacuum energy.

We have a physical model that gives us a deeper understanding of the nature of the electron and it gives the correct mass, said Val Baker.

The Holographic mass model is now able to predict with a high level of accuracy the correct mass and radius of the proton, the electron and the Universe including the critical mass without the need of dark matter and dark energy, said Haramein.

It's amazing how such a simple algebraic model can describe all scales accurately from the proton to the Universe, said Alirol.
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Torus Tech Research Published in Physics Essays