Healthwirefm Launches Jay Shetty's Urban Oracles

NEW YORK: With over 4 billion views, join award-winning vlogger, urban monk, and philosopher Jay Shetty as he guides viewers with the help of one of Moby's never before released tracks, on a voyage through human perception.

Executive producer and creative director Martine Dubin and the digital TV network Healthwirefm produced Shetty's new series Urban Oracles with the intention of making storytelling the catalyst for global change!

Shetty provides knowledge necessary to truly understand our lives, our dreams, our true selves. This show will make people learn, unlearn, and relearn the anecdotes of everyday life with every viewing! Jay Shetty's Urban Oracles will provide viral wisdom that will change the way you see the world and transform the world you're seeing.

With the launch of the first episode Write Your Own Story, Jay Shetty examines some fundamental elements of everyday life. People implement narratives in conversation regularly for business, marketing, or social media. Shetty teaches us to look at the stories we tell each other, and those we tell ourselves. He encourages living the script you want to tell. Remember, this is your book, your story, your life. You create the content, you shape the narrative, you write it. You are the one and only editor.

ABOUT JAY SHETTY A Former monk, now award-winning host, storyteller, viral content creator was named in Forbes 30 Under 30. Besides Healthwirefm, Jay has created content for and partnered with Snapchat, Facebook, Nasdaq and HuffPost, among others. Since launching his channel in 2016, Shetty has garnered over 4 billion views, and 24+ million subscribers.
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Healthwirefm Launches Jay Shetty's Urban Oracles