OTTO Introduces the JHM Industrial Hall Effect Joystick

CARPENTERSVILLE, Ill: OTTO, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of control switches, joysticks and grips, introduces the new JHM Industrial Hall effect Joystick with 15 different integrated handle options.

The JHM series Medium Hall effect Joystick is a full function operator control designed to fit in an armrest, on a panel, or any other location where a shallow behind panel depth joystick is needed. It utilizes Hall effect technology for long life and reliability. Electronics are sealed up to IP68S with an operational life of ten million cycles in all directions.

The standard JHM offers 15 handle styles, 18 output configuration choices and 9 gating options.

Output options include CANopen, J1939 and USB versions, analog and digital outputs, and redundant sensors. The JHM offers a variety of switches and handle styles such as a ball handle, a lockout handle, a G3-D grip and handles with pushbuttons, rockers and 5-button keypads.

Gating options include single axis, dual axis, friction y-axis, and various omnidirectional selections that include omnidirectional round smooth feel, omnidirectional on-axis and off-axis guided feel and omnidirectional square on-axis guided feel.

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OTTO Introduces the JHM Industrial Hall Effect Joystick