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Golden Section Technologies Launches Houston-Based GSTVC to Invest in Seed Stage B2B SaaS Companies

Jun 20, 2019 (1 month ago) |
HOUSTON: Golden Section Technologies announces the creation of GSTVC, a new Houston-based venture fund with a focus on seed stage B2B SaaS companies.
GSTVC invests alongside talented entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the end customer's problems, a sellable product, and demonstrated customer traction.

We have had great success with the investment strategy at our technology company, Golden Section Technology. Due to interest from other investors we are now increasing the size of our fund to deliver greater value to our entrepreneur partners and larger returns to our investors, says Dougal Cameron, Managing Partner at GSTVC.

We have done things a bit differently than the traditional investment fund as we supply far more than just working capital. We have the full strength of our software development company, Golden Section Technology, as well as deep experience in early stage B2B Sales and Marketing. The combination of our experience, capital and hands on approach has the potential to substantially decrease the risk for our portfolio companies and increase the return for our investors, says Isaac Shi, Managing Partner at GSTVC.

The world doesn't need one more B2B investment fund like all the others, but there is surely room for one which reduces the risk of execution and accelerates product development in the manner that GSTVC can. They are doing something very different, says Marshall Williams, entrepreneur and Founder of QMSC, LLC, one of GSTVC's portfolio companies.

GSTVC is a Houston based investment fund specializing in early stage investments in business to business and SaaS delivery model technology companies. GSTVC partners with driven entrepreneurs to build great companies. The fund is excited to meet entrepreneurs who have a deep understanding of the end customer's problems and an existing product. For more information, please visit https//www.gstvc.com and https//www.gstdev.com.

QMSC LLC provides a suite of quality management tools enabling sustainable positive change to product and service companies. With its cloud based and mobile centric solution, QMSC replaces existing ad-hoc quality assurance and operations management tools while leveraging the power of analytics to identify core issues resulting in reduced operating costs and improved profitability. For more information, please visit https//www.qualitymsc.com.

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Golden Section Technologies Launches Houston-Based GSTVC to Invest in Seed Stage B2B SaaS Companies

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