SoftServe Sponsors Innovation Center with Carolinas Alliance 4 Innovation

AUSTIN, Texas: SoftServe, a leading digital authority and consulting company, announces its sponsorship of the Carolinas Alliance 4 Innovation (CA4 Innovation) Innovation Center, a virtual center of collective resources to address problems facing transportation and the ecosystem emerging from digital mobilization.

CA4 Innovation is a South Carolina-based consortium that brings leaders from the public and private sectors together to accelerate innovation for economic development. A particular focus of CA4 Innovation is the development and deployment of new intelligent mobility innovations and communications infrastructure in South Carolina. As a trusted advisor to its customers, SoftServe will take a leadership position in starting this Innovation Center to bridge gaps between the involved entities, as each has specific agendas, needs, and responsibilities.

The CA4 Innovation consortium was formed by The Greenville County Council to promote innovation for economic development and actively identify community challenges as well as mobility and infrastructure solutions, said Fred Payne, former Greenville County Councilman and CA4 Innovation Board Member. Together with SoftServe and Google Cloud we are bringing to Greenville, South Carolina an urban mobility focused interoperability platform that enables stakeholders to share data—creating a common operating picture that brings together data from connected and autonomous vehicles.

We are excited to be a member of CA4 Innovation and the Innovation Center is critical to our mission of tackling the intelligent mobility challenges of tomorrow, said Steve Lowry, executive vice president, Client Services at SoftServe. Aligned with our agnostic approach towards interoperability and data platforms, SoftServe is uniquely positioned to bring our objectivity and expertise in developing intelligent mobility platforms to the Innovation Center.

Innovation at SoftServe is not just a mode of doing business, but rather a cultural pillar, said Ron Espinosa, director, Intelligent Environments and Initiatives at SoftServe. Our Smart City initiatives leverage that culture to deliver human centric innovation to organizations like CA4 Innovation in an effort to bring the Smart City closer to its Smart Citizens. We are excited for the opportunity to be part of the team driving game changing interoperability and innovation in Greenville.

A growing number of regional organizations are working together to develop scientific knowledge and new technologies around how people and goods are transported. CA4 Innovation draws members from smart cities, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, fleet operators, software developers, utilities, and regulators. Its focus looks into how connected and automated vehicles, heavy duty trucking and freight efficiency, cybersecurity, electric vehicles, and multimodal commuting will shape America's mobility future.

Since joining the CA4 Innovation consortium in July 2018, SoftServe has invested its Innovation Platform and advisory services and is proud to be a member of the consortium.
(PRN | 8 months ago)

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SoftServe Sponsors Innovation Center with Carolinas Alliance 4 Innovation