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How InsureMyTrip Is Disrupting The Travel Insurance Industry

Jun 15, 2019 (1 month ago) |
WARWICK, R.I: InsureMyTrip, the first-and-only travel insurance comparison site to adapt machine learning technology to create a personalized experience for travelers, announced today the latest upgrades to its groundbreaking predictive algorithm.
The recommendation engine is now faster and more precise than ever before — enabling travelers to find the right travel insurance plan roughly 15 to 20 times faster than comparing quotes manually online. In turn, this provides a radically different — and efficient customer experience for travelers.

Hurricanes and Travel Insurance
The new enhanced version can predict which travel insurance plans are most appropriate and relevant for those traveling during hurricane season to storm-prone destinations. This latest upgrade comes as travelers are bracing for the potential impact of the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season.

Travelers understand that bad storms can easily put trips in jeopardy. While there are travel insurance plans with specific hurricane-related coverages, travelers may have trouble identifying those plans. Our smart engine's algorithms takes out the guesswork and automatically suggests plans with robust hurricane coverage. This technology empowers travelers to feel more confident with their travel insurance purchase, says InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace.

This updated recommendation tool better identifies well-performing plans with specific hurricane-related coverage that also rate well with InsureMyTrip travel insurance experts and customers.

The latest version also better identifies specific coverages based on the user's profile. For example, cruisers are typically concerned about missing the ship's boarding time due to a flight delay or missed connection. The algorithm has already learned this attribute and will use this type of data to make a more intelligent decision, on behalf of the customer requesting a quote, and offer a travel insurance plan that will also include various missed connection and travel delay benefits.

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How InsureMyTrip Is Disrupting The Travel Insurance Industry

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