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Street Violence a Danger in America, States Physicians for Civil Defense

Jun 15, 2019 (1 month ago) |
TUCSON, Ariz: Americans may see groups like Antifa as student radicals who show up at street demonstrations to protest politically incorrect monuments but who mainly hang out in coffee shops near campus.
But complacency about the prospect of serious urban violence could be dangerous, states Physicians for Civil Defense president Jane Orient, M.D.

Beneath the theater of 'protests' and occasional violent outbursts is a fairly high level of organization and funding by outside groups that are skilled at directing the masses, with the goal of sedition, not reforms, she writes in the Doctors for Preparedness Newsletter.

One sign of the level of organization and seriousness is the presence of street medics displaying red crosses made from tape. Antifa groups on college campuses, called collectives, have special health collectives, which are groups of individuals with various levels of medical training (from laymen who received some basic life support training, through paramedics and nurses to medical doctors). Most of those medics likely had some brushes with law enforcement when they previously served as regular Antifa street fighters. Therefore, they are well acquainted with their urban battlefields.

Emergency medical manuals available on the street or on the internet contain some fairly good layman's medical advice. Anticipating police action, they seem to have adapted a military pepper-spray neutralization protocol.

Other potential sources of chaos include ordinary people driven to the streets if sufficiently oppressed as by a Green New Deal. Yellow Vest demonstrators protesting a fuel-tax hike have entered their 27th week in France. The streets of Paris at times resemble a war zone.

There are many threats to the peace, freedom, and prosperity of Americans, Dr. Orient stated. Our people need to be more knowledgeable about world and local affairs, practice a high level of situational awareness, and make prudent preparations for survival in the event of disaster, including civil unrest.

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Street Violence a Danger in America, States Physicians for Civil Defense

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