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CEM Corporation Launches New Disruptive Technology for Transforming and Simplifying Microwave Digestion

Jun 15, 2019 (1 month ago) |
MATTHEWS, N.C: CEM Corporation, the leading supplier of microwave digestion systems, is pleased to announce the latest breakthrough in vessel technology which dramatically simplifies and improves the overall digestion process.
It allows the use of simple disposable glass vessels through the entire sample preparation process from the balance to the analyzer. This includes weighing, microwave digesting, dilution, and transfer to an ICP auto-sampler for analysis.

These disposable glass vessels eliminate the time consuming task of washing the Teflon MARS 6 vessels and protects them from batch-to-batch contamination, particularly with dirty unknown samples. Worldwide patent applications are pending for this new disruptive vessel technology utilizing iWave temperature measurement and a new dual action venting and resealing capability.

CEM was the first company to commercialize microwave digestion systems over 35 years ago and we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of this technology to better meet the needs of our global customers. This new technology will revolutionize microwave digestion throughout the world, commented to Michael J. Collins, President & CEO of CEM Corporation. It dramatically simplifies the process by eliminating sample transfer and vessel cleaning. It also replaces the older technology for disposable vessels, which requires high pressure to eliminate cross contamination and typically has limited throughput of 5 samples with a cycle time of 1 ½ hours. This new technology utilizing a unique dual venting and resealing capability eliminates any possibility of cross contamination at moderate pressures and provides throughput of 24 samples in a total cycle time of less than 1 hour.

This new simplified process is expected to dramatically expand the use of microwave digestion for elemental analysis. These disposable vessels will allow block digestion customers to adopt microwave technology for sample preparation. This will reduce the digestion times from 3-4 hours to less than 1 hour with comparable throughput.

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CEM Corporation Launches New Disruptive Technology for Transforming and Simplifying Microwave Digestion

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