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AI Venture Builder to raise USD 2.5M to launch AI companies

MIAMI: AI Venture Builder has announced the launch of its flagship artificial intelligence venture builder, with plans to raise up to USD 2.5 million from equity partners.

To date, the AI Venture Builder has raised $750,000 to create up to four AI companies.

AI Venture Builder was launched in the first quarter of 2019 as a result of successful multi-year execution and investments in machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, computer vision and broad AI applications. To mitigate risks typically associated with early-stage startups, the organization engaged Rokk3r Inc. (OTC ROKK), a public idea-to-exit startup company builder, to leverage its startup co-building methodology, whose team has successfully launched more than 40 companies to date, with more than 80 percent still operating at scale.

Artificial intelligence continues to create disproportionate impact across every industry, changing the face of traditional industries while at the same time creating new ones, said Naheem Charania, Managing Director of AI Venture Builder. Through the AI Venture Builder, we will create and launch up to four AI companies by the end of 2019. This will leverage Rokk3r's peerless venture builder infrastructure, bringing to fruition a micro-portfolio strategy, rapid execution and high value creation for our investors.

Venture builders are the ultimate value-add endeavor for entrepreneurs and investors aiming to actively make a mark in the creative economy or for corporations seeking new ways to impact their native markets or disrupt their industries from the inside out. The model also delivers higher equity positions for investor-partners, compared to typical venture capital deals, and leverages experts, such as Rokk3r, to mitigate risk associated with early-stage company building.

AI Venture Builder expects to launch up to four AI companies by the end of 2019. The AI Venture Builder equity partners expect to see returns over a period of 18 months to 2 years, returns that, in traditional startup endeavors, typically materialize only over a decade's time.

We are very bullish that our global network of technology experts - designers, engineers, sales staff - and robust track record of company co-building will be key to ensuring the success of Venture Builder AI companies, and deliver great value to consumers and businesses, said Lorenzo de Leo, Rokk3r Chief Growth Officer.

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AI Venture Builder to raise USD 2.5M to launch AI companies

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