The shift from heels to sneakers and what it means

New Delhi , June 7 : Only used for exercise or jogging earlier, Sneakers are now setting fashion ramps on fire and have become a wardrobe staple. Fashion has evolved in favour of the comfy footwear as now men and women feel no qualms in flaunting them with their favorite dresses, pants, track suits or even suit salwars!

Most celebrities, both in Hollywood and back home, swear by their favourite pairs.

One can find a pair of sneakers at every price point, from designer hotcakes that will dent your pocket to modest street market versions.

The footwear is being embraced by all age groups owing to the mix of comfort and style it delivers. They find a place with diverse groups of people from the blazer brigade to teenagers to the adults and even high-end fashion stylists.

Brands are now producing luxury sneakers at a faster rate than sandals and heels. More and more brands like Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Maison Margiela, Adidas, and Nike are upping the sneaker game with drool-worthy designs.

From studded pairs to the ones with neon highlights, designers shoring up by the day when it comes to sneakers.

While men have been showing off sneakers for decades now, it is only very recently that women have inclined towards the trend.

In the modern age, women are re-evaluating their roles in society and demanding equality in the workplace, so sneakers also feel alluringly gender neutral. The expectations of women to dress up in a certain way which looks appealing to the men are now changing, resulting in more women prioritising their comfort above everything and what works better than a pair of sneakers when it comes to comfort!

At present, sneakers are all over the place with women wearing them to work, to events and even to weddings!

Deepika Padukone ditched her stunning stilettos for a comfortable pair of sneakers during her Mumbai wedding reception party in November last year.

Shunning the fashion norms and choosing comfort over the rules that dictate fashion, Sonam's sister Rhea Kapoor too opted for a pair of sneakers to go with her all-white lehenga look at one of the actor's wedding functions.

Lately, sneakers have been giving major competition to our beloved heels. Everyone from Sonam Kapoor to Kangana Ranaut to Swara Bhaskar, have often been spotted pairing their traditional and western outfits with these beauties.

American tennis player Serena Williams too gave up stilettos when she added her own sporty twist to the 2019 Met Gala. The sporting sensation wore a neon yellow strong-shouldered Versace gown and accessorised it with matching yellow sneakers from Virgil Abloh. Sneakers are often the choice of her footwear at big events, including Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding as well as her own.

Another celebrity who opted for sneakers at the Met Gala is Alexander Wang, the American fashion designer. His nonchalance look included shorts paired with sneakers.

Orthopedic sneakers are also having their day in the sun, providing support along with some points on the fashion table.

The arrival of sneakers at every social occasion marks a major turning point in the world of fashion, showing how we have collectively thrown away the rule book while still being in vogue.

(ANI | 1 year ago)

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The shift from heels to sneakers and what it means