Fastest Growing Online Engagement Ring Company Four Mine Reinvents Itself as With Clarity to Continue Driving Unprecedented Growth

NEW YORK: With Clarity, the new brand formerly known as Four Mine and the fastest growing engagement ring company in the U.S., announced its relaunch into the marketplace.

Having revolutionized the engagement ring industry with the first-ever 3D printed, try-before-you-buy model, and grown 900% from $2MM to $20MM in revenue in just one year, the company has bolstered its original offering to now allow online shoppers the ability to completely customize the ring of their dreams, receive and evaluate an exact 3D printed model of the design, all from the comforts of home.

This newly enhanced service enables ring shoppers the most discreet, yet highly personalized, online shopping experience for engagement rings available in the marketplace today—with the added confidence and clarity that no other online retailers can guarantee.

The process for purchasing engagement rings is as old as the ring purveyors themselves, said Anubh Shah, co-founder and CEO of With Clarity. My wife, Slisha, and I started this company because we knew that engagement ring shopping needed a revamp; consumers deserve a process they can better relate to. After all, why should Millennials and Gen Zers be forced to shop for a ring using a process created by their great-grandparents when they're very comfortable purchasing practically everything else online?

Committed to delivering a modern engagement ring shopping experience that resonates with today's shoppers and speaks to Millennial and Gen Z consumers' need for convenience, expertise and value, With Clarity allows prospective customers to browse expertly crafted rings online, create their perfect design and then try their favorites in a fun, transparent, and convenient way. Without the middleman, Shah adds, shoppers avoid price markups.

Until now, selecting an engagement ring online was overwhelming to most shoppers because there wasn't an opportunity to examine exact designs before purchase. In fact, today 90 percent of engagement ring research is done online, yet only 10 percent of purchases happen online because ring buyers want to touch and see what they're getting before committing to a purchase. With Clarity aims to close this gap by marrying the best of offline and online engagement ring shopping to deliver a seamless and simple customer experience.

At, customers may select from hundreds of customizable ring styles and options along with over 200,000 conflict-free diamonds that are certified by the GIA, the nation's top grading laboratory, and selected from trusted suppliers who adhere to the highest ethical standards. Each ring is then hand-crafted in house to ensure that each angle, millimeter and piece is perfected according to the customer's personal specifications and backed by expert gemologists.

To give people the in-person diamond experience they crave, With Clarity's exclusive Home Preview service allows shoppers to create and receive up to two replica rings that mimic the exact look and feel of their bespoke diamond creation, free of charge.

With Clarity uses 3D printing technology and high-quality 5A diamond simulants that look and sparkle just like real diamonds to replicate any ring that a customer designs and provide a chance to try on and carefully examine the desired ring. Laser set and made with proprietary metal alloy, the replica rings have the exact look, feel, weight and texture of a real diamond engagement ring.

Shah added: Think of Home Preview as the equivalent of dating; With Clarity allows you to date your perfect ring before you commit to it for the rest of your life.

To learn more about With Clarity, visit, or check out the brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
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Fastest Growing Online Engagement Ring Company Four Mine Reinvents Itself as With Clarity to Continue Driving Unprecedented Growth