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The Appraisal Lane Launches Android App for Consumers at Google Play

AUSTIN, Texas: The Appraisal Lane has launched the Android version of its app for consumers. Now, any smart phone user can quickly and easily sell their car at a fair price.

Consumers tap into The Appraisal Lane's live community of appraisal experts to receive a guaranteed cash offer for their used car in minutes, redeemable as a down payment for their next purchase or as cash in hand.

With this latest addition, The Appraisal Lane now offers a full suite of apps for consumers who want to know what their car is really worth, right from their driveway, and for dealers who are interested in buying and selling used car inventory at the curb - any curb.

We launched our consumer app for iPhone earlier this year, and now the Android app, to fill a significant void in the marketplace, said Scott Gales, Co-Founder and VP of Product for The Appraisal Lane. Used cars are as unique as the people who drive them, which is why human interaction is necessary. Our live appraisers understand the factors that impact trade-in value across all makes, models, and markets, versus computer-generated estimates. Real time communication with live experts gives consumers the confidence and transparency missing in the traditional car valuation process.

Consumers download The Appraisal Lane app to their phones, connect with live appraisers in real time, upload photos of their vehicle, and answer simple condition questions. The Appraisal Lane delivers a guaranteed cash offer in 30 minutes or less that's redeemable for trade-in value or cash at a nearby dealership.

Unlike other appraisal tools, our intelligence isn't artificial and people appreciate that, said Gales. The Appraisal Lane's offers are generated from real people in real time, backed by real money - not ranges or estimates.

Since its launch in 2016, The Appraisal Lane has delivered more than $2.5 billion in offers on used vehicles generated by appraisal experts who evaluate thousands of cars each month across all makes and models. In addition to its helpful consumer app, The Appraisal Lane also offers TAL Dealers to help dealerships move and manage used car inventory - and connect with in-market consumers in real time - and TAL Buyers to help dealerships and dealer groups source in-demand inventory from any curb. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download The Appraisal Lane.

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The Appraisal Lane Launches Android App for Consumers at Google Play

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