• Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Goldtouch To Release New EasyLift Sit/Stand Desk Converter

CEDAR PARK, Texas: Goldtouch, the industry leader in desktop ergonomics, announces the arrival of their newest creation: The Goldtouch EasyLift Desk.

The EasyLift Desk solution allows users to maintain their ideal work posture throughout the day, whether sitting or standing, to prevent costly common work related pains like lower back pain.

When we envisioned the EasyLift Desk, one of our primary goals was to ensure the design adhered to the Goldtouch product standard of full user adjustability, says Jason Cunningham, VP of Sales & Operations. Our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality standards in ergonomic solutions is realized in this desk. The addition of a fully adjustable keyboard tray allows users to work in optimal positions for a true ergonomic fit that is unlike anything on the market today.

The EasyLift Desk raises and lowers using sophisticated torque settings. Users can use the adjustment knobs on the sides of the desk to adjust the torque to accommodate the weight on their desks. The desk is then raised or lowered with the help of spring lifts to lighten the load.

Long periods of sedentary inaction are linked closely to several serious health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, back pain, some kinds of cancer, and a shorter life expectancy. Using an adjustable height desk can help prevent many health problems by allowing users the ability to vary their position throughout the day and provide a more dynamic workday.

It's time that our workstations adapt to meet the needs of a modern day office. It's time to upgrade to an adjustable standing desk that enables your business to reach a new level of success in both health and productivity. For more information about the Goldtouch EasyLift Desk and other products, call (855) 633-3138, email sales@goldtouch.com or visit us at https//www.goldtouch.com/easylift.

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Goldtouch To Release New EasyLift Sit/Stand Desk Converter

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