The Road to Xibalba is Exactly what the Love Child of Mythology and Steampunk Looks Like

BOSTON: Costa Rican-American artist and author Joaquin (Kino) Gil is no stranger to creative mixtures, and in this conjoining of Graphic Novel and colorful digital artwork he in turn mixes Latin American mythologies, Victorian science-fiction, and a changed Old West, integrating past and present with magic, age-old technology and vanished civilizations for a rollicking fun yarn.

The Road to Xibalba is set on an alternate West Coast, and follows an Open Call to all those who dare, a motley group of adventurers, for a contest to decide who will control the Gates of Xibalba, a real-life Hell. The contenders have to face for six nights the deadly riddles that the Houses of Xibalba will lay before them. While winning will make one a Gatekeeper, with extended lifespan and incalculable riches... losing means death.

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(7.33 x 11 inches, 109 pages, US$20.00 ISBN 978-0-578-48755-7)
and coming soon also as a Kindle eBook.

Joaquin (Kino) Gil, a graduate of CalArts with experience in Hollywood special effects (Starship Troopers, Contact, As Good as it Gets, Michael, Sphere, The Outsider), has written novels, screenplays and short stories, and has created award-winning abstract animation. He has Master's degrees in Anthropology, Film and Video and Computer Graphics, and he employs all extensively to produce the worlds in this work, three years in the making and inspired on legends from the Maya Book of Council, the Popol-Vuh, retold as Steampunk or Victorian Science-Fiction adventures.

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The Road to Xibalba is Exactly what the Love Child of Mythology and Steampunk Looks Like