Kingdom Winds Collective Seeking New Members to Join Alliance

GREENVILLE, S.C: Kingdom Winds is announcing plans to expand and intensify its recruiting efforts for Christian creatives and ministries to join the Kingdom Winds Collective along with a special Early Entry package of benefits.

The South Carolina-based start-up is specifically searching for talented authors, artists, artisans, musicians, podcasters, videographers, ministries, and churches with a passion and purpose to advance the Kingdom.

We believe that we have been called to participate in a movement that is already underway, stated President and Co-Founder Gary Suess. We see God moving in very powerful ways, calling creatives to use their gifts for His purpose and glory. Our calling is to assist them in their journey while providing a platform to extend their reach, influence, and success.

Finding and recruiting new, emerging, and established talent to join with us are fundamental to what we do, both now and in the future, said Gary. We are continually searching for gifted creatives both deserving a larger audience and whose addition will strengthen the collective.

Our search efforts are both formal and informal, added Elizabeth. In addition to being intentional to scour the internet and attend events, it has become almost second nature for our Kingdom Winds crew members to keep an eye out for the next prospect. We also invite anyone to reach out to us or submit an application to be evaluated for acceptance into the Kingdom Winds Collective.

Kingdom Winds began operations early last year through its book publishing arm—Kingdom Winds Publishing. Later in the year, the new enterprise formed Kingdom Winds Collective and launched The groundbreaking Christian website features the content and works of the collective through its multimedia digital publishing platform and integrated online marketplace.

The ramped-up recruiting efforts coincide with the rollout of additional enhancements to the Kingdom Winds platform. In particular, the formal launch of Kingdom Winds Radio and Kingdom Winds Broadcast enables the platform to better support and showcase podcasts and streaming video, respectively. Other exciting enhancements are underway and expected to be introduced in the coming months.

Our business model centers on our collective members and partnering with them, explained Co-Founder Elizabeth Suess. It is our heart and mission to provide them with a larger, more visible platform than what they might otherwise be able to achieve on their own and then come along side of them with value-added support services to help them pursue their calling.

Of course, we are all joining together to provide content that will serve, inspire, encourage, entertain, and enlighten our audience. Ultimately, we hope to make a difference in people's lives—and by joining together, we can broaden our reach and influence.

More information about Kingdom Winds and the Kingdom Winds Collective, including how to apply for membership and details on the limited-time Early Entry offer, can be found on as well as the main website.

Gary explained the impetus behind the Early Entry offer, We recognize that our value proposition today is not what it will be in six months, a year, or two years from now—so, we are adding some awesome incentives for Christian creatives, ministries, and churches joining with us in the early going!
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Kingdom Winds Collective Seeking New Members to Join Alliance