CIMCON Announces New NearSky Connect Partners to Extend its Lead in Smart City Solutions

BEDFORD, Mass: CIMCON, the leading global provider of smart city solutions, including outdoor lighting management systems, announced that four new solution providers have joined the NearSky Connect partner program.

By joining this alliance of technology and service providers, these companies will work together with CIMCON and other NearSky Connect partners to deliver ready-to-go smart city solutions that help build a safer, healthier and more vibrant environment for citizens and businesses.

By joining this partner program, Aeroqual, intuVision, RoadWatch and Sensit Technologies, have all reinforced their continued ambition to drive innovation in the smart city space. In addition, all have integrated their unique solutions with NearSky, CIMCON's smart city platform, which transforms a city's existing streetlight infrastructure into a city-wide network of connected outdoor digital assets - or an Internet of Municipal Things.

Collectively these partners make it simpler and faster for cities to specify, procure, and deploy smart city solutions that monitor and improve air quality, public safety, road conditions/snow removal, traffic flows and economic growth.

Aeroqual, makers of sensors and equipment for air quality monitoring, helps people, companies and governments make better air quality decisions by providing them with cost-effective and reliable instrumentation and information.
intuVision creates superior intelligent video analytics solutions and products with exceptional real world performance, that are intuitive, affordable and easily customizable for diverse video surveillance applications, such as traffic analytics, pedestrian analytics, and public safety monitoring.
RoadWatch is known for road surface temperature sensors that use state-of-the-art infrared measuring technology. This provides accurate, real-time road surface temperature information critical to proper deployment of anti-icing and de-icing materials.
Sensit Technologies designs, manufactures and services a complete line of gas leak detection instruments, combustible gas indicators and confined space monitors. Their low-cost air quality sensors allow cities to better understand environmental conditions on a neighborhood scale.

Our new partnership with CIMCON will allow cities to deploy air quality sensors for less cost and hassle by leveraging their smart city infrastructure, says Aeroqual CMO Carl Beck. Finding sites is a key challenge in deploying dense air sensor networks, and that just got easier with the NearSky platform.

CIMCON's NearSky platform includes a streetlight-mounted edge data processor that captures, aggregates, and distributes data from a wide array of sensors and devices. The platform also includes cloud-based data management software, which allows cities to securely aggregate, analyze, and act on the data collected.

Becoming a smart city can mean different things to different municipalities, says Chris Davis, Vice President of Smart Cities and Strategic Partnerships at CIMCON, By onboarding this group of partners, CIMCON continues to execute on our vision of a dynamic ecosystem of like-minded companies that cities can leverage to build bespoke solutions that meet their unique needs.

NearSky Connect is continuously working with new and unique sensor and solutions companies to help them integrate with the platform and engage with our municipal customers. These applications fall into the following categories infrastructure, mobility, environmental, public safety, platforms, funding, electric vehicle charging, energy/sustainability, and services. For more information on joining NearSky Connect, visit https//
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CIMCON Announces New NearSky Connect Partners to Extend its Lead in Smart City Solutions