The Search for Dresses With Pockets is Over!

LOS ANGELES: Dresses With Pockets ( takes the hassle out of finding the perfect pocket dress. The newly launched site allows visitors to search through the inventory of over 20 major retailers, to see over 6000 dresses and skirts that have pockets.

It's got pockets! has become the new rallying call—it's what you're guaranteed to hear if you compliment a woman on her pocket dress.

The ubiquity of cell phones has resulted in a sea change among women- functionality has become more important than form, and women no longer want to take a purse everywhere they go. The goal of Dresses With Pockets is to make it easy for everyone to find that perfect dress without spending half your day looking at multiple sites.

Users search with all the online shopping filters they're already familiar with- size, color, dress and sleeve length, as well as sorting by popularity, price, or new inventory.

Searching can also be done by category—looking for that perfect prom dress or formal outfit? There are over 700 to choose from. Need something for the young woman in your life? There's almost 150 dresses and skirts for young girls.

Dresses With Pockets even has you covered for the most important day of your life, featuring nearly 100 wedding gowns equipped with pockets.

It's bad enough that it's taken this long for women's clothing to start to have functional pockets, said Jim Sabo, Founder. The least that we can do is make it easier to find those dresses and skirts that have them.
(PRN | 1 year ago)

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The Search for Dresses With Pockets is Over!