Pipeliner Partners With Daniel Strunk of DePaul University to Release Sales Strategy and Technology Online Course

LOS ANGELES: Pipeliner announced the release of an online learning course for customers that teaches how sales technology, selling methodologies, sales coaching and sales itself is going through a complete transformation.

Developed in partnership with Daniel Strunk of DePaul University, who has developed and delivered the pre-eminent sales degree courses available in higher education today, this course helps Pipeliner customers to be more strategic and knowledgeable in how they leverage Pipeliner CRM and other technologies in support of their sales efforts.

The course covers

Business Conditions Leading to the Adoption of Today's Technology
Sales Models & Pipeliner CRM
Sales Process, Sales Force Automation and Coaching
Sales Roles, Forecasting, Pipeline Management, and Territory Alignment
Sales Operations and Technology
Sales Careers

Daniel Strunk of DePaul University stated, At DePaul, we are already preparing the next generation of sales professionals to optimize the use of technology as part of an overall sales strategy that includes sales methodologies, sales management, and coaching and other sales skills. Companies and existing sales professionals, however, have not had a chance to take a step back and learn how to adapt to a changing world. By working with Pipeliner to bring this course to their customers we are bridging that critical gap.

Available online, on-demand the course has a one-time cost of $99 and is available in perpetuity including all future updates to the material.

At Pipeliner CRM, we continue to look for ways to help educate and empower our customers to be even more successful and this new offering is part of that commitment, said Nikolaus Kimla, Founder & CEO of Pipeliner CRM. Working with a professional educator such as Daniel Strunk allows us to deliver a learning experience to our customers like no other. By understanding how to use Pipeliner CRM strategically as a way of facilitating sales coaching, selling methodologies and all sales-related activities our customers are gaining a real competitive advantage.

For more on Pipeliner CRM software or take a 14-day free trial, please visit https//www.pipelinersales.com
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Pipeliner Partners With Daniel Strunk of DePaul University to Release Sales Strategy and Technology Online Course