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Sizzling HOT Drama and Suspense, Concord Films' Award-Winning Movie, Marriage Killer Just Released!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla: As a marriage becomes comfortable and a sex life idle, it's common for a couple to wonder about alternative possibilities.

Marriage Killer takes the viewer on a vicarious journey of the potential danger of inviting the unknown into a stable relationship that has possibly become a bit too routine.

The film is thought provoking and suspenseful entertainment, offering VOD audiences a moment of pause to experience the consequences of inviting trouble into their lives.

Available Today on following platforms Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Xfinity, GooglePlay Sony PSN and InDemand.

Marriage Killer, story told by an award-winning cast about a professionally, socially successful married couple, including Robert, (Jason London) and his wife Morgan, (Barbie Castro). The couple are still in love but seek to add sizzle to the marriage in exploring a members-only night club. The couple realize the deadly consequences after meeting Isabelle, a sexy and manipulative woman (Kristen Renton), as it impacts the couple and their daughter Abbey, (Taylor Castro). Marriage Killer is a suspenseful drama that draws the viewer into an emotionally, tense family journey.

This film is a reminder of family strengths and the dangers of introducing another person into a relationship that will potentially test the marriage to its limits. I'm excited to release this film to offer opportunities for thought provoking conversations and engaging entertainment. Barbie Castro, President of Concord Films.

Marriage Killer is the winner of four prestigious awards including Barbie Castro, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Taylor Castro, Best Young Actress by Actors Awards LA, and winner of Best Supporting Actress at The NYC International Film Festival. Marriage Killer also won a Silver Award at the California Film Awards.

Written by David Chester. Cast includes Jason London (Dazed and Confused), Barbie Castro (Killer Island and Boyfriend Killer), Kristen Renton (Days of our Lives) and Taylor Castro (Dream Killer and Girlfriend Killer). Executive producers Eric R. Castro and Barbie Castro, directed by Bernard Salzmann, and composed by Chad Rehmann.

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Sizzling HOT Drama and Suspense, Concord Films' Award-Winning Movie, Marriage Killer Just Released!

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