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New Books at PreGel Read Better Than a Good Recipe

CONCORD, N.C: For many, there's very little that's better than a good read. That is, unless you're a professional pastry chef. In that instance, there is the best case scenario: reading while creating the next artisanal masterpiece.

And now, via its ecommerce platform, PreGel is making the latter scenario possible with the offer of three literary works by chefs Amaury Guichon, Frank Haasnoot, and Ramon Morato.

2019 is the 10th anniversary of PreGel's 5-Star Chef Pastry Series, says Anna Pata, director of sales and marketing at PreGel America. Promoting the works of extraordinary chefs and highlighting the instrumental information they provide in these publications further emphasizes our goal to elevate professional artisans, such as those who attend our Series, with applicable knowledge that will help to broaden their skill base, Pata concludes.

Pastry books currently available

The Art of Flavor by social media sensation and pastry chef extraordinaire, Chef Amaury Guichon, reads like a love story of short passages, dedicated to visual art, travel, and the strategic step-by-step creation of extraordinary desserts. In his first publication, which Guichon describes as not a cookbook, but as a way to share my process, my vision of art, it's almost impossible not to feel the authentic respect and admiration the internationally renowned chef has for artistic creativity, as magnificently displayed throughout the 324-page culinary journey.

Guichon's book is truly an art exhibit in book form, showcasing twelve of his favorite and most popular pastry creations through bold imagery and engaging commentary, with detailed recipes for each component of the awe-inspiring finished desserts.

Prisma, the debut cookbook by Dutch pastry chef and master chocolatier, Frank Haasnoot, takes readers on a culinary adventure rich in color, tastes, texture, and undeniable creativity. Readers are instantly captivated by the visually intriguing and exquisite design of the literary composition, featuring a cover that offers a colorful preview into a world of clean and modern entremets, rustic art pastries, and beautifully designed petit gateaux that highlight the pastry mastery Chef Haasnoot has cultivated in his 23-year career.

Showcasing six extraordinary colors, 330 informative pages, 48 unique recipes, and the adventurous innovation of one world-renowned chef, this book is designed to be a springboard for creativity, innovation, and unique pastry development.

Chocolate by Chef Ramon Morato, is written in both English and Spanish and takes readers through every step of chocolate cultivation from beginning to end. The book offers over 416 pages, 200 recipes, step-by-step photographs of the most important preparation techniques, 18 cakes and individual cakes, 24 bonbons, 10 turrons, 5 snacks, 8 desserts for restaurant, 7 petit fours and 8 bonbons for restaurant.

True lovers of chocolate will appreciate the attention to detail, in-depth description about chocolate and its varied uses in artisanal desserts, and the passion that Morato clearly demonstrates.

For more information about these literary works, or to place an order, please visit here.

Your Passion. Our Ingredients. It's not just a slogan; it's what PreGel believes in.

For more information, visit www.pregelamerica.com.

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New Books at PreGel Read Better Than a Good Recipe

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