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Cryohub: Bringing A Revolutionary New Fat Loss Technology to Boston

BOSTON: Annually, more than 45 million Americans set about on a weight loss journey. And yet, fighting the battle of the bulge for many is not as simple as diet and exercise.

While certainly gym memberships and keeping physically active, not to mention eating smart, balanced meals are critical to maintaining good health in general, for some, the quest to shed pounds and ultimately emerge with a more toned figure is a decidedly uphill battle. Enter, Cryoskin—a cutting edge fat and cellulite reducing treatment perfected in Paris and currently making waves in the US.

E-Motion Sports Massage (Everett, MA) owner Mercedes Diaz daily witnesses the frustration of clients who work hard to lose weight and yet fall short of achieving their desired results. Disheartened by this obsession with the number on a scale, she decided to open Cryohub taking a cue from the proven European technique that has already been around for years. Unlike coolsculpting, Cryoskin is customizable; plus, you don't sit for hours with paddles suctioned to you. In fact, most sessions last a maximum of thirty minutes as the technician moves a lightweight wand around to targeted areas.

Featured in the likes of Elle and In Shape, Cryoskin technology is clearly becoming a US favorite, and for those who work out and eat right this may be just that little bit of extra required to slim the stomach, arms, and thighs, among other typical problem areas. In light of the science behind it, the Cryoskin machine can actually destroy both fats cells and reduce cellulite. It is this versatility which attracted Diaz. Different from some of the other treatment options out there, clients can come in for a toning or slimming or even a facial-type experience that mimics Botox. It's fast and easy and you start to see results immediately after the first session, explains Diaz.

With Cryohub, Diaz hopes to energize those who otherwise feel exhausted and drained by way of giving them back that positive body image that goes far beyond mere numbers on a scale. Exercise and diet are certainly crucial, but this is that finishing touch that will help them to see that it's not a losing battle after all.

The new facility is set to open June 1, 2019. Located on the ever popular Newbury Street, Cryohub is certain to change the way that many Bostonians come to view weight loss.

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Cryohub: Bringing A Revolutionary New Fat Loss Technology to Boston

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