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Enfamil Launches New Platform Dedicated to Fueling the Wonder of Every Baby

NEW YORK: Enfamil, the #1 infant formula brand recommended by pediatricians, is proud to announce the launch of its new platform called Fuel the Wonder, communicating their long-standing commitment to helping every baby around the world grow, develop, and learn, and ultimately, to help create a bright future for us all.

Experience the interactive Multichannel News Release here https//www.multivu.com/players/English/8538451-enfamil-launches-new-platform-to-fuel-the-wonder-of-every-baby/

The commitment to babies began over a century ago when a baby named Teddy inspired his father, Edward Mead Johnson, to produce a science-based product for babies, in need of a specialty formula, to survive. The unwavering commitment to provide science-backed nutrition continues today, driven by the desire to help ensure the best start in life for all babies, especially the most vulnerable.

We believe that every baby has the potential to shape our future. So, every baby should be viewed as the Most Important Person in the World, says Patrick Sly, Vice President & General Manager of U.S. Nutrition at RB, Enfamil's parent company. Our devotion to fuel the wonder in every baby has been in our DNA from the start, and it's why we've spent decades researching breast milk and the nutrients to promote the development of the brain and body, to nourish millions of babies each and every day.

The new platform is designed to convey the passion the company and its employees have for all babies. It will also help underpin the unique support Enfamil provides, such as creating specific formulas for specific conditions (even one that was created for a single baby with a unique condition). Other initiatives include Drive to Thrive, which provides financial and informational support to parents after their baby leaves the NICU, and Helping Hand for Special Kids, which offers babies of low-income families who require specialty formula either long-term assistance or a free, one-time shipment of products.

To launch the platform, Enfamil posed the thought-provoking question, Who is the Most Important Person in the World? in partnership with GET Creative, a division of USA Today. The nationwide poll provided a surprising launching point (although not to parents) for Enfamil to share its own perspective that each and every baby is the Most Important Person in the World.

To capture audiences nationwide, Enfamil unveiled the Most Important Person through an integrated effort across a variety of channels, including outdoor billboards in Times Square, near the White House, in Silicon Valley and Hollywood. The campaign also extended into digital assets across several media partners, social influencers, and brand properties - all ending with Let's fuel the wonder as the rallying cry.

If we as a community, viewed every baby as The Most Important Person, says Sly we could use all the power we have, to give every baby the best life imaginable.

Because parents play a vital role in fueling the wonder of all babies, Enfamil is calling on parents to share on social media why their little one is the most important person in the world by posting a picture or video with the hashtag #MostImportantPerson for the chance to be featured on Enfamil's social channels.

To learn more about Enfamil and Fuel the Wonder, please visit Enfamil.com/mostimportantperson, or visit our social channels @Enfamil on Instagram and www.Facebook.com/Enfamil.

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Enfamil Launches New Platform Dedicated to Fueling the Wonder of Every Baby

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