Crowd Machine Unveils Partner Program to Accelerate Digital Transformations

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif: Crowd Machine, the leading enterprise-grade no-code app development platform, announced the launch of the Crowd Machine Partner Network (CMPN).

The CMPN is a global community of technology, systems integration, and strategic partners that help enterprises accelerate their digital transformations using Crowd Machine's unmatched no-code development platform and free online training program.

The CMPN Program gives Partners the tools, resources and incentives necessary to be Go-to Partners for enterprises seeking consulting, application development and implementation assistance in record time, at a lower cost. The CMPN is especially well-equipped to assist those enterprise engagements requiring rapid development cycles.

Traditional software development processes are notoriously too slow and complex to meet the needs of business and ultimately lack the visibility into underlying code and architecture necessary to enable rapid continuous enhancement. Crowd Machine is an intuitive enterprise class PaaS for app development. Working within the Crowd Machine platform, CMPN Partners are able to help enterprise customers achieve development success, integrate and utilize legacy and new data sources, with the demonstrated ability to deliver mission critical apps up to 9 times faster than traditional methods. Crowd Machine's technology empowers its partners to build, and continue to easily modify solutions in record time, helping to build CMPN Partners' businesses, in parallel to helping their enterprise end customers meet their own business goals.

Crowd Machine is a real gem. Appsolutely has been working exclusively with Crowd Machine's technology for the last few months, and is delighted now for the opportunity to become an official partner; managing development projects and seeing the system rolled out in the UK and beyond, says Appsolutely Founder & CEO, Tom Hall. We already see a strong demand for Crowd Machine apps given the significant reduction in costs and lead times associated with building and running SaaS products. Having spent some time getting to know the platform, we're really impressed with what it can do, and can't wait to make use of forthcoming upgrades such as the Crowd Computer and no-code smart contracts.

The CMPN Program has four tiers, giving partners the option to sign on as a Referral, Sales, Reseller or ISV Partner. Partner benefits, including discounts and increased incentives, vary between the tiers. All tiers include recurring multi-year incentives for opportunities converted to a sale. The CMPN also provides guidance and resources for partners to differentiate themselves in their industries. From technical assistance to sales and marketing enablement, Partners build a sustainable business model while also reaching new customers.

Partners also have access to informative materials, a vast network of experts, as well as Crowd Machine's online training program, Crowd Academy. The Crowd Academy learning environment is aimed at helping individuals learn how to develop no-code apps in a matter of weeks without knowledge of software coding.

Helping businesses rapidly innovate is a huge need, and an amazing market opportunity, said Crowd Machine COO James Hanley. We are committed to providing our CMPN Partners with the continuing innovation, support and partnership they need to meet the constant and market driven demands of enterprises for application development and business enhancement. With our Crowd App Studio, application development can be done faster and at a much lower cost. Our passionate network of partners is helping enterprises that desperately need to modernize to stay competitive in today's market. And, multi-year incentives on the opportunities our partners close ensure outstanding ROI.

The CMPN's Revenue Sharing Program offers a variety of multi-year financial incentives to Partners for identifying opportunities, driving client transformation, and accelerating their Crowd Machine-based practice. Simply put, it Pays to Partner with Crowd Machine.

For more information on how to join the CMPN Program, please visit
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Crowd Machine Unveils Partner Program to Accelerate Digital Transformations