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Thailand's MCOT TV launches "Japan Discovery" to promote Japan's tourism industry

Tokyo [Japan], May 20 : Thailand's state-owned public broadcaster- MCOT, has launched a television series that features attractive elements from Japan, including mountains and castles, in order to promote the Japanese tourism industry.

The televised program, titled "Japan Discovery - 2 Gens", also covers off-beat tourist spots in Japan apart from the famous Mount Fuji, Kyoto, and others.

"Our concept is to discover Japan. We will not only inform our audience regarding different tourist spots but also the Japanese lifestyle. The reason why we need to make this kind of program is Thai people's love for Japan, along with its culture and tradition," said Nonglux Zhao, Program director at MCOT TV.

The Japanese government is focusing on the tourism industry and appealing them to get involved to uplift the sector.

One of the most important places for the Thai people living in Japan is a Japanese temple named "Kakuozan Nittaiji". The temple, with a statue of "Chulalongkorn" -- a famous king from Thailand--is acknowledged to retain a close connection with the Thai culture.

Reporters from MCOT TV recently interviewed two generations of chief priests from the temple and explored the history and relationship with Japan.

"I visited Japan many times, and I believe that Japanese people are very friendly. I would like to tell Thailand about it. In addition, I hope this program will connect Japan and Thailand more strongly," said Pat Chonpantarak, a reporter at MCOT TV.

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Thailand's MCOT TV launches "Japan Discovery" to promote Japan's tourism industry

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