Bolthouse Farms Declares New Role As The Official Dresser Of Ugly Foods

BAKERSFIELD, Calif: When shopping for produce, it's only natural to pick up what looks the best. This summer Bolthouse Farms dressing is looking to change this habit.

Just in time for National Salad Month in May, Bolthouse Farms dressing is happy to announce their brand is the Official Dresser of Ugly Foods, the perfect addition to help consumers save the day - and their produce - by adding flavor and excitement to their meals and snacks.

The growing conversation surrounding ugly foods is happening in the grocery aisles and in the kitchen. As retailers accommodate consumer expectations for perfect produce appearance, it reinforces those expectations as normal. However, this minimizes the amount of food deemed pretty enough to sell. At home, a recent Harris Poll1 confirmed eight in ten Americans (81%) deem produce appearance at least somewhat important to them, while almost half (43%) say it's very important. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates the average American family of four throws away roughly $1,6002 worth of food a year, most of which is discarded because it is either unattractive or not used in time.

We at Bolthouse Farms understand that sometimes what grows in the earth doesn't always come out looking Instagram-able, says Mark Materacky, Vice President of Marketing. While produce and fruit lead this conversation, we want to get people excited about embracing all less-than-pristine foods; these foods may be oddly shaped, marked, or discolored, but with our family of flavorful dressings they can be used in a variety of recipes that help these misfit morsels taste just as delicious as their more popular counterparts.

To help change the perceptions of ugly foods and encourage consumers to stop eating with their eyes, Bolthouse Farms is partnering with Lo Bosworth, an International Culinary Center graduate and owner of her eponymous wellness blog The Lo Down. Bosworth suggests instead of avoiding or throwing out ugly produce, readers should learn to embrace them, or use them in recipes where their looks don't matter as much such as homemade breads, soups, and salads.

I'm thrilled to be partnering with Bolthouse Farms dressing. As a brand with roots in farming they recognize that with the right recipe and dressing, these ugly fruits and vegetables can still be a great addition to your diet, says Bosworth. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if your peppers are misshapen or if your cucumbers are slightly bruised; slice them up, throw them in a bowl with some greens and their classic Ranch dressing, and you're good to go!

To further Bolthouse Farms' commitment to the ugly foods' conversation, the brand is also proud to support ReThink Food NYC, a local non-profit that works to obtain excess and ugly foods from restaurants, farms, grocery stores, events, and other food purveyors and transforms it into ready-to-eat meals that are then donated to New Yorkers in need. They are committed to giving excess food a second purpose and help educate and change the conversation surrounding food waste.

Bolthouse Farms family of dressings include fan favorites such as Classic Ranch, creamy Cilantro Avocado and their new Coleslaw offering, that all help you add flavor and excitement to snacks and meals with less fat and fewer calories than leading refrigerated brands. Bolthouse Farms dressings can be found nationwide in the refrigerated produce section of your local retailers.

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Bolthouse Farms Declares New Role As The Official Dresser Of Ugly Foods