Marketers Still Have a Long Way to Go to Be Truly Omnichannel: Omnisend Ecommerce Experts Predict

LONDON: Omnisend, omnichannel marketing automation platform for ecommerce, has interviewed experts within the ecommerce industry on the benefits and future of omnichannel marketing for the digital marketing world.

Including thought leaders from across the online retail world, such as Sam Hurley, Ezra Firestone, and Chloe Thomas, this publication brings together the top specialists with exclusive guidance for retailers looking to begin in omnichannel marketing.

Despite coming from a variety of different domains, each of these experts agreed that marketers today aren't doing enough for omnichannel customers.

While digital marketers in the industry have come a long way in personalization and relevancy marketing, they are still failing to provide a true omnichannel experience for their customers, according to these specialists.

Including more channels, finding new pathways to customers, and thinking outside of just digital is just some of the advice given to those who want to keep pace with advancing omnichannel technology. Omnichannel marketing will continue to evolve, the experts said, and online retailers will have to adapt with it in 2020 to stay relevant.

Omnisend CEO & Co-Founder, Rytis Lauris, also a top contributor to this publication, provided the following statement Omnichannel marketing is changing faster than most can keep up with. The lines between digital and brick-and-mortar are becoming harder and harder to see, and retailers from all domains need to keep in step with how the customer is evolving. After all, omnichannel marketing puts the focus on the customer- which is where it's always needed to be.

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Marketers Still Have a Long Way to Go to Be Truly Omnichannel: Omnisend Ecommerce Experts Predict