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Rethink Ed Takes 'Loving Approach' to Promote Equity in Education

NEW YORK: We've all been complicit in oppression, says Dr. Luvelle Brown, Superintendent of Ithaca City Schools and author of Culture of Love, a how-to for fostering positive cultures in schools and other organizations.

It's time for educators to look through a culturally responsive and inclusive lens, to start calling one another in rather than out, and to be cooperative rather than competitive.

This manifesto from one of the nation's top educators and thought leaders served as the jumping off point for an Equity strand, the most recent enhancement to Rethink Ed's already groundbreaking Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Solution.

Dr. Brown kicks off the Rethink SEL and Equity professional learning video series, covering such topics as

SEL and Culturally Responsive Teaching
Beyond Hard Work and Determination How SEL Can Empower Students to Address Injustice

ALL learning is social and emotional, says Rethink Ed Senior Vice President of Education Diana Frezza. And, at the heart of equity are educators and superintendents who not only embrace this idea, but advocate for it. We're honored to partner with Dr. Brown to launch our new SEL and Equity series.

According to Dr. Brown, SEL and equity naturally go hand-in-hand. As such, when educators are provided both the opportunity and tools to further their own social and emotional development, it literally transforms the school environment.

Promoting social and emotional learning and equity, he says, needs to focus on creating both a physically and emotionally safe and positive school climate - a climate in which students are respected and encouraged by adults who hold high expectations.

Because most SEL solutions are centered only on students, Rethink's ability to provide schools with a suite of tools, content, instruction, and supports for both students and the adults who interact with them is a game-changer, says Frezza.

Research shows that educators' own social and emotional competencies strongly influence students' motivation to learn, as well as the overall school climate, she explains. To help districts build capacity, Rethink's on-demand, video-based suite ensures that educators develop their own social and emotional intelligence so they can create a learning environment in which all students will thrive.

As the leader in social and emotional learning, Rethink Ed created the first-ever comprehensive SEL solution, which includes online professional learning, multi-tiered curriculum, assessment, and behavior support and progress monitoring tools.

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Rethink Ed Takes 'Loving Approach' to Promote Equity in Education

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