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DEOLEO celebrates soaring growth in Asia amid high consumer demand for award-winning brands Bertolli, Carbonell and Carapelli

DALLAS: Deoleo, the world's leading producer of olive oil, is seeing its business and commercial strategy -- which focuses on delivering top value and quality -- bear fruit in Asia, with Bertolli Thailand becoming the undisputed sales leader thanks to a commanding 57pc market share in 2018.

While olive oil use and consumption in Asia has traditionally been reserved for cold dishes, the region in recent years has seen restaurant chefs and home cooks alike using more olive oil and extra virgin olive oil in hot cooking. In addition, the region has seen increased growth of middle-class households, higher disposable incomes and increased spending power in the region.

Asia is a key region for our business and therefore a crucial investment for the company. It is important to remain forward thinking when it comes to consumer needs, said Miguel De Jaime - Chief Commercial Officer at Deoleo. In Thailand, for example we've focused strongly on consumer communications and awareness. The results alone demonstrate how well this has worked and how important it is to have quality as a key motivator for purchases. We developed our promotional activities based on consumer insights and a deep understanding of market needs.

In China, meanwhile, Deoleo has recently reached a successful collaboration with its award-winning brands, Carbonell, Bertolli and Carapelli in the biggest retailers in the country Rt Mart, Carrefour, Walmart, Metro, and starting in May in Hema Fresh, both in the stores and online with a guarantee of delivery within 30 minutes. Bertolli olive oil, with a flavorful beyond compare, is already available on-line at JD.com while in May, Carbonell will open its flagship store in T-mall classic giving access to Spain's No.1 Olive Oil Brand* to more than 500million Chinese consumers. In addition, Deoleo has launched Carapelli Organic range (certified by China Quality Certification Center) which is now available in Metro stores and soon will also be in Hema.

Moreover, in Singapore, Deoleo has reached a direct and strong alliance with Dairy Farm and NTUC-FairPrice, the two main retailers in the country. Customers in the highest olive oil consumption per capita market will now be delighted with Bertolli all-natural olive oils.

All the while, in Japan, the company has signed a milestone deal with Kato Sangyo to handle distribution across the nation. This new distribution deal means Japanese consumers will have access to Bertolli Olive oil in over 4,000 stores across the country. In addition, Bertolli Black Label, Gold Medal at the Japan Olive Oil Prize, will be available at selected locations.

The company remains committed to delivering customers and consumers high quality products and the organization keeps a close watch on all processes from procurement of raw material from farmers to the end produce reaching consumers.

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DEOLEO celebrates soaring growth in Asia amid high consumer demand for award-winning brands Bertolli, Carbonell and Carapelli

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