Cannabis Industry Looks to Ways to Optimize the Consumer Experience

PALM BEACH, Florida: As marketing programs are built around knowing what the ultimate consumer wants and does not want. In this era of massive data collection concerning customers wants, the cannabis industry will need to have a two-way 'exchange of data' so that companies prosper and consumers are well informed and have access to data on the products they consume.

A recent article in the Green Entrepreneur urges the industry to get more data to and from consumers to solidify the bright future of the industry. The article's sub-headline said From plant genetics to customer preferences, the cannabis industry has lots of data. The challenge is putting it to good use. It continued Humans consume cannabis to feel something creativity, sleepiness, mind/body balance, pain relief, and so forth. Those effects happen due to various compounds in the cannabis plant interacting with the body ingesting them. Active companies in the industry making moves to ready that include IONIC Brands Corp., (CSE IONC), Origin House (CSE OH) (OTC ORHOF), Tilray, Inc. (NASDAQ TLRY), Canopy Growth Corporation (NYSE CGC) (TSX WEED), iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. (CSE IAN) (OTC ITHUF).

People want to consume the right quantity and ratio of cannabinoids to consistently experience specific desired effects whenever they want, wherever they are, at the right price. But, how should cannabis retailers know which products to stock on their shelves (with thousands of products and strains available) and who will buy—let alone benefit—from each? On the flipside, how should cultivators know what strains to grow or how to nourish plants to enhance particularly desired compounds? The answers lie in recognizing how the variables of plant and body drive the supply chain (the process of bringing products to consumers consistently).

IONIC Brands Corp., (CSE IONC) BREAKING NEWS IONIC Brands is pleased to announce that IONIC BRANDS flagship brand Ionic is first to launch Lucid Green, Incorporated (Lucid Green or LG) revolutionary technology platform designed to enhance trust and transparency in the cannabis industry as an enrichment to the Ionic Certified Clean Program.

Lucid Green is a powerful platform designed to provide vital safety information about cannabis products. By simply scanning the package's QR code with a smartphone camera, Lucid Green provides access to a library of product specific insights instantaneously - including test results, dosage guidance, effects and more, while also earning Ionic loyalty rewards. Lucid Green is a technology company that was the first in the cannabis industry to develop a direct-to-consumer data platform, that enables consumers to have a safe, consistent and enjoyable cannabis experience. Lucid Green will hit shelves on Ionic packaging in early May 2019. IONIC BRANDS is the first company to launch LG in California and will be expanding the LG platform to Washington, Oregon and Nevada.

IONIC BRANDS Chairman and CEO John Gorst states In an effort to craft the finest quality products on the market and provide our customers with true and accurate information, we have paired our Ionic Certified Clean program with the trust and transparency Lucid Green platform . Certified Clean means that every product that leaves our facilities meets or exceeds State mandates on pesticide testing. This is conducted by individually testing every batch. Our pairing of Certified Clean with Lucid Green allows IONIC BRANDS to provide consumers with the highest quality products, with the best curated experiences. This testing ensures that we deliver to our customers the safest and cleanest products possible. IONIC Brands strategy strives to create unyielding brand loyalty through safe and effective products that results increase product demand.

Ionic sets the bar for trust and transparency in California by partnering with Lucid Green to ensure that consumers have all the information they need to have a safe, consistent and enjoyable experience. Everyone knows how to take a photo with their phone. It's like getting personal guidance from the most knowledgeable budtender in the world - by just aiming your phone at the product in your hand and clicking on the link that pops up! We created Lucid Green to create a standard that drives trust, transparency and guidance in the cannabis retail environment. says Larry Levy, Co-Founder and CEO, Lucid Green Inc. Read this entire announcement for IONC at https//
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Cannabis Industry Looks to Ways to Optimize the Consumer Experience