U.S. University Installs Casio's Integrated Electronic Payment Machines

DOVER, N.J: When visiting an entertainment arena or sports stadium, it's normal to find long lines for food and merchandise between the action and during intermissions.

During these events, attendees' FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out increases as they have no desire to miss out on the action to wait in lines.

In turn, this puts added pressure on stadium and arena employees to turnover those lines as quickly as possible, but sometimes aging point-of-sale (POS) equipment makes that a challenging feat to overcome.

A well-known university in the West looking to upgrade its equipment for PCI compliancy sought out Drexel Business Machines - a company specializing in POS systems, software and integrated payment machines - to help find a high-quality, affordable solution. The key to Drexel securing the order was the university's requirement of P2PE (point to point encryption) for electronic payment transactions. P2PE is a solution that secures credit and debit card transactions by encrypting all data and preventing cardholder data from being visible in the merchant's system where exposure to hacking is possible. With the help of Drexel Business Machines, they provided the solution using the PAX S300 payment terminal loaded with an application from a company called BlueFin that specializes in P2PE offerings. As the result from this solution the university installed 257 Casio terminals - including both the Casio SE-C450 and SE-C3500 - in its stadium and arena with the PAX payment terminal.

After speaking with the university, it became clear they needed machines that were efficient, affordable and easy to use, said Vince DiPillo, vice president of Drexel Business Machines. Keeping that criteria in mind, Casio was our go-to recommendation. The company's electronic payment machines offer user-friendly, comprehensive solutions that ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction. We knew they'd be the best fit!

Drexel Business Machines recommended Casio for its reliability, ease-of-use and overall cost-efficiency. Currently, the university is using 188 SE-C450 and 69 SE-C3500 cash registers in concession stands across its stadium and arena integrated with the PAX S300 for electronic payment (credit, debit & EMV). A 10-line LCD, 2 x 2 pop-up customer confirmation display, and a large flat keyboard (72 key positions) make these machines a great fit for concession and take-out operations. Additionally, the SE-C450 boasts a single station thermal printer, while the SE-C3500 boasts a dual station thermal printer.

At Casio, we strive to deliver reliable hardware that is both versatile and affordable, and we are pleased to have been recommended by Drexel Business Machines, said Glenn Deal, Sales Development Manager of Casio's Systems Products Division. Drexel's recommendation is further proof that our machines provide a unique combination of features, design and performance that is second to none.

For additional information on Casio's full portfolio of POS and electronic cash registers, please visit www.Casio4business.com.
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U.S. University Installs Casio's Integrated Electronic Payment Machines