Mimo Monitors and BrightSign Collaborate to Provide Their Top Five Tips for Digital Signage

CHICAGO: Mimo Monitors (www.MimoMonitors.com), the experts in small touchscreen displays, joined forces with BrightSign, to share their top five tips and best practices for digital signage.

Both industry leaders in the digital signage space, Mimo Monitors and BrightSign believe in the far-reaching impacts and value that effective digital signage can have towards customer engagement, cultivating loyalty, and ultimately, the bottom line.

With more noise than ever competing for customers' attention, we know that utilizing digital signage effectively and in an engaging way is crucial, said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. That's why one of our most highly recommended tips is to make digital signage interactive. Interactivity is key to capturing attention and can directly add value both to the customer and the retailer.

BrightSign and Mimo Monitors also recommend ensuring that digital signage is simple and intuitive to deploy and scale, and that it's reliable. With digital signage often experiencing harsh 24/7 use, it's crucial that the digital signage hardware is purpose-built for the task at hand to maximize success and minimize any type of hassle for customers.

Additionally, the two advocate that utilizing a small display is often the way to go, as it's at a size and scale that customers are already comfortable interacting with due to the wide-spread familiarity of smart phones and tablets. The small screens also allow customers privacy, encouraging them to enter data truthfully or go at their own pace with the interaction.

Simply utilizing digital signage to advertise isn't enough of a value-add or a way to break through the clutter. Digital signage can and should be a value add to your customers, enhancing their in-store experience, said David Anderson, CEO of Mimo Monitors. Keep digital signage content targeted and relevant, showing the customer that you understand their needs. Update the content consistently and provide information that helps them make a decision and feel confident in their purchase.

Further, both companies urge those interested in deploying digital signage to think outside-the-box when deciding how to deploy digital signage. They both point out that utilizing it in unexpected ways or places, like on public transit, in gyms, as part of museum exhibits and so much more, can be a great way to capture attention.
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Mimo Monitors and BrightSign Collaborate to Provide Their Top Five Tips for Digital Signage