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US claims to have pics of Iranian ships carrying missiles

May 17, 2019 (2 months ago) |
Washington, May 17 : The US has claimed to have multiple images of Iranian commercial vessels in the Persian Gulf that it believes are carrying missiles and other munitions, a media report said.
Although the US government has not provided proof that the ships were carrying hidden missiles and other munitions, an informed official told CNN on Thursday that the freighters have been modified with large areas of their decks removed.

The official did not explain why these vessels would need to be altered to carry missiles.

Recent surveillance has shown some of those freighters moving in and out of Iranian ports in recent days, he added.

The Pentagon is yet to officially comment on the development.

Earlier this month, the US moved bombers and a carrier strike group into the region and fears of a conflict have been stoked by a sharp increase in tensions between Tehran and Washington.

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US claims to have pics of Iranian ships carrying missiles

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