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"I've had my breasts done four times": Blac Chyna

New Delhi , May 16 : Contrary to the prevalent practice, American model Blac Chyna has revealed how many she went under the knife.

"I've had lipo before, I've had my breasts done four times," People quoted Chyna as saying on The Wendy Williams Show.

The entrepreneur also admitted that while she's had several surgeries to increase her breast size, she's also had a surgery to make them smaller.

"I was like, 'this is just too much,'" Chyna said.

After she gave birth to her daughter, Dream, Chyna went for a butt surgery, about which she said, "I went and got something done. I got lipo because after I had Dream, it was like, out of control. So I had some of it taken out."

As Chyna revealed every detail about her surgeries, she also disclosed the secret behind her dimples- piercings! "When I took them out I was like, 'Oh man, now I got dimples!'"

The 31-year-old said that she will be returning to television soon with her own reality series 'The Real Blac Chyna'.

"So, I scored my own docu-series, and it's with this network called Zeus. Basically, it's like Netflix. You subscribe, and you can watch it anywhere, on your phone, on your laptop," she said.

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"I've had my breasts done four times": Blac Chyna

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