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Face your Fear of Flying with Facts!

May 17, 2019 (2 months ago) |
WINDSOR, Canada: If you are one of approximately 25pc of the population that is nervous to fly or downright scared to climb into an aircraft, then help might be on the way in author Peter A. Brandt's new book Fly Fearless and Fear Less: Eliminate your Fear of Flying with Knowledge!
Tapping into his many years of aviation experience as an aircraft technician, as well as years as a technical writer and trainer, Peter has written a short concise book that details the many safety systems built into airplanes that are designed especially for passenger safety. Peter's book is loaded with photos, graphics and explanations about what makes aircraft tick and his book addresses many myths about aircraft that are easily dispelled with knowledge of flying.

I have spent my life traveling around the world and from many conversations with fellow passengers it became obvious to me that the flying public doesn't understand what goes into getting airplanes into the air and back onto the ground safely. I decided to use my extensive knowledge gained from climbing around inside airplanes and helicopters to help educate passengers about the sensations and noises they are experiencing when they fly. I discuss theory of flight of airplanes and helicopters as well as the many systems built into them.

The book is available as a paperback on Amazon worldwide and Barnes & Noble as well as a Kindle eBook. An audiobook on Amazon and a course on Udemy.com will be available soon. Peter A Brandt is an author, technical writer and trainer and lives in Windsor Ontario Canada.

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Face your Fear of Flying with Facts!

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