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Best-Selling Business Plan Guide Of All-Time Debuts New Edition

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PALO ALTO, Calif: Rhonda Abrams, Small Business Columnist for USA Today, today released the seventh edition of her best-selling business plan guide, Successful Business Plan: Secrets and Strategies.

The book is up-to-date, jam-packed with the info, resources, and worksheets an entrepreneur needs.

Step-by-step guidance makes business planning easy and fast. Included in this edition are insights and tips from business luminaries, including Seth Goldman, CEO of HonestTea; Kay Koplovitz, former chair of Kate Spade; Venture Capitalist John Doerr; Bill Rancic, Apprentice winner and entrepreneur.

This hands-on, 434-page guide takes entrepreneurs through the entire planning process, from an initial feasibility analysis to advice on polishing a final document and pitching the plan. Each section of the business plan is broken down into checklists and easy-to-fill worksheets.

Helping someone start a business, regardless of size or scope, is an honor. I am thrilled that over two million entrepreneurs have launched businesses using Successful Business Plan Secrets & Strategies, stated Rhonda Abrams. When I meet a student at one of the 1,000+ business schools that utilize the book, or receive a letter from someone who read the book in one of the 30-languages it is available in, I am humbled by its reach and breadth.

In the Seventh Edition

Crowdfunding - who it's good for, when to use it, and new crowdfunding laws
Lean Start-Up - how to get going with fewer dollars
Minimal Viable Product - ways to get to market faster
Sample PowerPoint - slide-by-slide guide to the 12 slides investors want to see
Sample Business Plan
Tips on impressing investors and winning Business Plan competitions

Successful Business Plan Secrets & Strategies is our mainstay, says Jim Jindrick of the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program of the University of Arizona. It's well organized, full of useful information and worksheets. Many of our students launch successful businesses using PlanningShop books.

The book is available in print, electronic, and bundled editions and can be purchased via the and the PlanningShop website.

Images and excerpts are available at https//

Successful Business Plan, 7th edition
Rhonda Abrams; PlanningShop; 434 pages; $79.99; pub April, 2019
ISBN 978-1-933895-82-6

Best-Selling Business Plan Guide Of All-Time Debuts New Edition

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