• Sunday, 18 August 2019

MarketsandMarkets Excited to Host its 3rd Global Customer Summit in California

CHICAGO: The summit, to be held at SRI International, Menlo Park, California, will feature two exciting days of thought-provoking TED Talk-style sessions, interactive panel discussions and networking opportunities.

Top executives from every major industry will be in attendance to share best practices and discover areas of opportunities within connected and converging markets.

The upcoming summit for our North American clients follows closely on the heels of our very successful Customer Summit in Amsterdam in November' 2018, said Vijay Khera, Global Head of Client Services at MarketsandMarkets. Just like Amsterdam, the California summit will feature a mixture of panel discussions on pragmatic and visionary topics to help our clients roll up their sleeves and tackle the difficult strategic challenges related to connected and converging markets facing them today.

Speakers and panelists at the summit will include senior executives from IBM, HPE, SRI International, Intel, Flex, Foxconn, Leidos, ATS Automation, 3M, Qualcomm and Nikon among other top companies.

Featuring discussions about emerging technologies from around the world and how the newest technological products and trends will drive growth, the Customer Summit will address the following major topics and themes

Panel A Validating Investment Decisions in Connected Markets Amid Disruptions from Outside Industries - How can leaders cut through the noise of the impacts of disruption and evolution in adjacent industries to assess the true impacts of their organizational decisions? These decisions will be related not only to their internal business, but also on other potential markets and opportunities that could create future unanticipated revenue opportunities.

Panel B Building and Leveraging Ecosystems to Adjust to Dynamic Market Changes. Can This Best be Done Internally or Through Leveraged Partnerships? As markets and ecosystems continue to develop and converge, it becomes increasingly difficult to remain a lone wolf in your business. Partnerships and collaborations are increasingly becoming the necessary means to get to market faster and more effectively. What are the best market actions to employ a collaborative approach and which decisions and actions are better left to internal expertise and actions?

Panel C The Curse of Information Overload and the Journey Towards Single Source of Truth - There's just too much information to process these days. From cereal aisles in your local grocery store to market intelligence reports, there is a just an overwhelming amount of information to assimilate and retain. It is important as a leader to not only differentiate between useful and useless information but also take your teams on the journey towards a single source of truth in the organization. What are the various strategies one can employ to achieve clarity, retain meaningful information, and avoid making counter-productive associations?

Panel D The Journey from Strategy Design to Strategy Delivery - How to Transform Strategies into Real Revenue Impact? In today's ever-changing business environment, crediting and implementing great strategies requires the right information, talent, resources, tactics, and tools. How are today's strategy and market intelligence teams trying to bridge the expensive and unproductive gap between strategy design and strategy delivery?

We're very excited to be convening the Customer Summit at SRI International to bring our North American clients together to learn from each other and discuss long-term growth strategies, said Shelly Singh, Chief Operating Officer at MarketsandMarkets. The summit will explore challenges around growth initiatives and provide insights on emerging areas of opportunity for 2019 planning and beyond.

For more information, contact summit@marketsandmarkets.com or visit https//www.marketsandmarkets.com/event-promotion.asp.

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MarketsandMarkets Excited to Host its 3rd Global Customer Summit in California

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