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Official Unveiling of the Candiac Station TOD Project

CANDIAC, QC: The City of Candiac and the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) are officially unveiling the Candiac Station TOD project-a major project aimed at creating a mixed-use living environment that promotes sustainable mobility.

This announcement officially kicks off construction of the first phase of this TOD project. This human-scale neighbourhood will be located around the Candiac Station and represents projected investments of over one billion dollars within the territory of the municipality.

This pleasant, compact and organized living environment will consist of a high-density, mixed-use hub that includes a residential sector with over 3,000 housing units along with businesses and office spaces. This TOD project will also feature a large central square as well as several parks and green spaces totalling close to 59,000 m². The entire area will be bordered by both pedestrian and bike paths, and will boast an efficient public transit and active transportation network.

Sustainable development and metropolitan recognition
The Candiac Station project is one of the first TOD projects selected by the MMC to demonstrate the application of sustainable development principles and the MMC's Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan (PMAD - Plan metropolitain d'amenagement et de developpement). Four key land use standards inspired from key sustainable development principles, lend value to the properties and buildings. Here are a few examples of what we can expect to see in Candiac

Environmental component bioretention and rain water re-use, smart street lighting, focus on active transportation with a high-quality pedestrian and cyclist network, rationalization of private and public spaces, public transit with commuter train, buses and a shuttle.
Green infrastructure component cool or green roofs required for all buildings, indoor parking lots with charging stations in residential sectors, use of renewable energy.
Social component infrastructures focused on universal accessibility, amenities designed for collective and recreational use, restaurant and entertainment services as well as activities in the vicinity of the central square.
Economic component an appealing employment sector thanks to the integration of businesses and services within the project and, as such, also accessible to existing projects nearby.

This mega-project is perfectly in line with the City of Candiac's unique vision aimed at building, growing and developing intelligently. Our goal is to implement an urban living environment that meets the standards of tomorrow while optimizing the services we provide our citizens. We have a duty to create viable neighbourhoods that integrate the best sustainable development practices for the benefit of future generations. Our administration therefore feels it is essential for the project to be structured in a responsible manner that focuses on quality of life, public transit and active transportation as well as on practices that respect the environment. Moreover, developers have shown a keen interest in Candiac for future investments. It is therefore clear that the project must evolve in line with market needs.
Normand Dyotte, Mayor of Candiac

The City of Candiac was one of the first municipalities in the region to design a TOD neighbourhood around a train station. This project is in keeping with the PMAD guidelines aimed at creating sustainable living environments criss-crossed with pedestrian and bike paths, and served by public transit. I credit the City of Candiac for its vision and contribution to the territory's sustainable planning.
Massimo Iezzoni, Director General of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC)

Developed in conjunction with all of the region's stakeholders, the Candiac Station TOD project is an innovative project that promotes the development of high-quality living environments in proximity to public transit network access points. A prime example is the proximity of the REM which will help support the development of this new innovative area and allow it to become firmly rooted. This particular project is a concrete reflection of the government's orientation with respect to the development of urban communities and public transit that is both structuring and sustainable. We therefore commend the City of Candiac for its leadership, demonstrated through its ability to carry out this project.
Christian Dube, Minister Responsible for Government Administration, Chair of the Conseil du tresor, Minister Responsible for the Monteregie Region and MP for La Prairie


The Candiac Station TOD project will cover a surface area of 45 ha.
The train station is at the heart of the project. The commuter train connects Candiac to downtown Montreal in approximately 40 minutes.
The project is located along highways 15 and 30.
The project targets a density of 67 housing units/ha.
The sector's development will start in the spring with the first phase of construction, consisting of over 600 housing units that include 2 or 3-storey townhouses as well as 4 to 7-storey multi-family dwellings.
The central square will be 10,000 m². The neighbourhood parks, along with the linear park, will represent 49,000 m².
In 2016, the City of Candiac was proud to demonstrate its initiative by being the first municipality in Quebec to adopt a guide to developing sustainable neighbourhoods. Thanks to this 215-page illustrated guide, the City is able to ensure that the projects carried out within its territory follow the best sustainable development practices and provide a high-quality living environment.

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Official Unveiling of the Candiac Station TOD Project

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