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Confie Promotes Read Conmigo Program for Childhood Bilingual Literacy

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif: Confie, one of the top 20 insurance brokers in the U.S., is pleased to announce its corporate support of Read Conmigo, an initiative that helps parents with kids in pre-K through fifth grade promote bilingual literacy in the home.

Sponsored by Infinity Auto Insurance, Read Conmigo is an award-winning program that encourages parents to read to their children in English and Spanish. The program provides free bilingual children's books, educational apps, and literacy resources to classrooms and families. Over one million free books have been distributed to date, and more than 14,000 educators across the country participate in the program. In addition, Read Conmigo creates opportunities for new children's authors committed to creating engaging bilingual children's stories.

Bilingual literacy starts in childhood, but the advantages are life-long, said Cesar Soriano, Confie's Chief Executive Officer. Not only is it associated with problem-solving, memory, writing, and learning, but it's also a portal to multicultural understanding - a mark of good citizenship that will serve our communities well.

The week of April 29th - May 5th marks the 100th Annual National Children's Reading Week, Soriano added, a perfect time to celebrate this new partnership. Confie is thrilled to work with Read Conmigo to support bilingual literacy and share the joy of reading.

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Confie Promotes Read Conmigo Program for Childhood Bilingual Literacy

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