• Sunday, 18 August 2019

IKON, Gaming's First Challenge Platform, Is Now Live

LOS ANGELES: Welcome to IKON, gaming's first challenge platform that empowers players to create and take on custom challenges created by their friends and favorite creators.

By activating IKON, players use its seamless, turn-key recording and robust editing suite to showcase their biggest moments in a game with their fans and friends. Games supported include: League of Legends and PUBG. Fans can expect many more titles coming soon to IKON.

IKON's software runs while you play your favorite games. As you rack up wins and trophies, IKON records your gameplay. When your match is over, IKON provides you with clips of your most epic moments, as well as an editing suite to customize your best highlights so you can easily post them to your social feeds and share your awesome gameplay and challenge other IKONs. Fans can interact with their favorite creators by accepting these challenges, posting achievements and receiving recognition, ultimately elevating their status amongst their friends and fans across IKON. With the platform, people don't just play games, they play to reach the status of an IKON... the ultimate prize and title!

Challenges on IKON provide a new way for fans to support their favorite creators. Launching these challenges allow creators to connect with their communities-- even when they're not creating video content -- and be a part of their fan's gameplay. IKON also features monetization opportunities to encourage creators to let their imaginations run wild in creating challenges for their followers.

IKON, at its core, is a platform for players and creators to create new experiences for their friends and followers, says Jonathan Weinberg, CEO of IKON. Challenge and creativity is the backbone of gaming - so we wanted to create an awesome sandbox for creators to use challenges as a way to be a part of their fans' gameplay even when they're done streaming.

As players log onto IKON, they'll find a slew of already populated challenges from beta users and endemic gaming brands. With the ability for anyone to create challenges, IKON is a perfect way for both gamers and brands to have a fun, authentic and interactive way to challenge their networks through the one thing they love most...gaming.

IKON is available now and free for download on PC. Games supported: League of Legends and PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG). Additional games supported will be announced in the coming days, including future support of mobile and console.

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IKON, Gaming's First Challenge Platform, Is Now Live

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